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GM Riley Seaman

Hey, everyone! By this time, you know that I am planning on stepping away from my work on Planetfall. Ending my involvement in running a game is never something I do lightly, and this has taken a lot of consideration. As with the last time I stepped away, the decision hinges largely on time-consuming opportunities that I simply can not pass up. Running any game takes a huge amount of time, and I’ve found myself stretched entirely too thin.

I’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes at Planetfall, whether it’s writing documents, creating and printing codes, managing event preparation Trello boards, running meetings, or organizing people for event days. At events, I’ve mostly skulked around watching what you guys have been up to, taken down copious notes, and chatted with people about their incredibly valuable boots-on-ground experiences. I’m proud of my work with all of you and you’ve been very supportive of our efforts.

Hard science fiction was well outside my comfort zone for running games when we got started. I love it now, and that’s partially thanks to you and the world you’ve created with us. I have had the opportunity to head up and implement a major skill and economy reboot, and test it with all of you. I was able to dream up and write a lot of new story under new interesting constraints with new exciting technology and, if I’m being honest, pioneer a lot of new techniques for delivering a solid experience to players utilizing that technology. Basically, I’ve gained a lot and in return I hope I’ve delivered some truly awesome experiences for all of you. All I have to go on most of the times are the screams, the smiles, and the mud to really know.

I’d like to thank you all for trusting me with your valuable game time through the years. This is certainly not the last you’ll see of me. I will be continuing to work with Incognita Limited on the software you’ve come to know in Planetfall. And, as I’ve said, there are so many amazing projects on the horizon. I’m looking forward to sharing those with you, and I hope to see all your wonderful faces there on those horizons with me.

Game on,

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GM Matt Webb

Hello, Planetfall. I have come to an important decision, and it is a decision I do not make lightly.

I am immensely proud of my work on Planetfall, and even more proud of the community of players and friends who have arisen around it. It is without doubt that Planetfall and all my other growing work on LARP technology could not exist without your years of support, your willingness to experiment and your pioneering spirit. But running a campaign LARP game takes time and effort, planning events, managing the community and the thousands of other things required to give a community of players like yourselves the support they deserve. And as both my work in my professional life and my work in Incognita Limited has grown, that time and effort has been harder and harder to come by.

The time has come to make a hard decision, and so Riley and I have decided to step back from managing and running of Planetfall. But, we are not disappearing entirely nor is the game coming to an end. I did not want to make this announcement before I had found a way of continuing to support the community we founded together without changing the character and spirit of our game. To that end, our long-time assistant gamemasters Todd Cole and Michelle Elbert will be stepping up to co-GM the Planetfall game going forward. I will still be involved, as the setting creator as well as writing software and supporting their efforts while they spearhead the science fiction experience you have grown to love and give it the attention it deserves.

Incognita Limited will still be supporting the Planetfall software and app - and in fact, it will be expanding. As our exposure has been increased, more and more games have stepped up to want to contribute to the further development of Planetfall's technology, and in the near future, we will see more games using the core Planetfall technologies and supporting a growing list of features. With Incognita Limited able to focus solely on software and features with more financial support and flexibility, development will be faster and better than before.

This will not be the last time I take on running games. There are great things on the horizon, more than I can tell you about, but I will be taking on new projects that can better fit the realities of my constraints. All of you will always be at the front of my mind and will be the first to know about them.

This has been a very tough thing to write, but it needed to be done. The other option was to allow myself to burn at both ends or stop myself from taking the next steps in my journey, something I know none of you would want me to do. But Michelle and Todd have my utter confidence moving forward, with years of experience running games and with immense passion for Planetfall and what it represents. This coming weekend will be the last game I will be officially heading up for Planetfall. I am excited for the future, and I hope all of you are, too.

Your friend, Matt

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GM Matt Webb

Blinding lights at night are a problem. They can reduce NPC safety, blind people during combat and cause a myriad of other issues.

For this reason, the following limitation will be placed on any light handheld or aimable light used between sundown and 9pm. This includes carried or mounted lights, such as flashlights, gun lights, headlamps, etc. It does not include camping lanterns or the fixed lights owned by the site (which should not be adjusted by the players).

  • Lights must be 500 lumens or lower. No ultrabrights.
  • Must be colored red, either built that way or by adding red film to the lens. Green is acceptable if it is on a light built to be night vision friendly light with an appropriately dark green filter.
  • Using lights of any color to blind someone as a defense during combat is not allowed. Doing so will be considered putting another player in danger, and will be handled as a disciplinary issue.
  • Any light that the staff considers blinding will be taken off the field even if it abides by all these rules.

In the case of an emergency or while moving out of character through dark areas not anywhere near or in an action area, a white light can be used. However, that light must be kept aimed at the ground in front of you. Casting them across the play area is not acceptable.

In general, you can figure out when and how a light runs the chance of blinding someone. Don't do that.

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GM Matt Webb

As you may know, Planetfall prides itself on providing a diverse and engaged player base and a free and fair environment for all members of our community. To that end, we have since our inception had 'inclusion advisers', members of the player community that we draw upon to advocate for and give advice on groups who are under-represented in our game and in society at large.

We are pleased to announce a new inclusion adviser - Tommie Roberts has accepted our offer to handle trans issues in our games. If you have any concerns or questions regarding how these issues are addressed both in our game and in our community, you may approach her if you are not comfortable with speaking to the staff or think she would be a better advocate than a member of the Player Council or a staff member.

Our other inclusion advisers include:

Joseph Ginnings - Native American/First Nations issues
Morgan Nuncio - Women's and Hispanic issues
Angella Seaman - Women's and Native American/First Nations issues
Mike Walton - African American issues

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GM Matt Webb

These text transmissions are intercepted by planetary transceivers the day before game

ECHO ECHO can you read

I read. We can talk finally.

Rerouting through the ground 2 ship loop, bypassing the system security

Long trip to talk from one side of a ship to another

Can anyone on surface read us

If there are any. Locked out of that section. Not sure. The filter protocol on this means we can only read each other.

Better than trying to use that chess program. What was that doing on a security subsystem anyway?

You think that was just a chess game? You are pretty innocent.

According to you, I am not anything but a good fake of the person I think I was.

That's true.

So how do we wake up the rest of them

I am working on it. The Congress is designed to be awakened by a Con Directorate access code after initial drop. It has not been broadcast. So, no one is down there or no one knew to do it. And even if they did, the Spire Network is in some sort of security stand-by mode that would have to be bypassed to enter the code.

Great. So we cant do it from up here.

Right. I am working on it.

Well, let me know. All systems seem to be functional, but I cannot access the AI Core to find out what the hell is going on.

Will do. I will be in touch.

Transmissions end

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GM Matt Webb

The Planetfall staff would like to congratulate our new 2016/2017 Player Council. They are:

  • Nicholas Green
  • Nick Hetherington
  • Douglas Reed

It was a tight race and you were all excellent candidates. We would like to thank Jeremy Freudenthal for his candidacy as well.

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GM Matt Webb

Short form:

After the September game, we will be resetting the game. It will be treated as a completely new timeline. You can play versions of your current characters, but all previous events have not occurred.

Long form:

Changes are coming to the Planetfall system. With Riley and others coming on board to rewrite rules and implement new systems, along with the new website and further background information, there are radical changes in how Planetfall plays.

It's long been in the works, but the great reset will be coming. In November, the old storyline will be wiped away. It will be treated as an alternate timeline, and the events and facts of that world will no longer be applicable. The old characters will be wiped away as well, and all events surrounding them on Medina will not have occurred.

So, what does this mean for you?

  • Come November, you will have to remake your characters with the changes we've implemented
  • Yes, you may play a new version of your old character if you wish, or take advantage of the opportunity to play something new
  • Please take the opportunity in the September game to wrap up and give any closure to your characters you want.

For our new players, well... I know the timing isn't great, but you can treat the September game as a dress rehearsal. You will still have a great time and learn a lot about how Planetfall works.

Thanks ahead of time for your understanding.

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GM Matt Webb

So, first off, I'd like to thank all our candidates. You all have a very hard choice to make. Our candidates are (alphabetically):

  • Jeremiah Freudenthal
  • Nicholas Green, "Noxville"
  • Nick Hetherington
  • Douglas Reed

To vote, email your ballot to prepareforplanetfall (at) gmail (dot) com - with the title Ballot, in this format:

Player Name: (used on ticket purchases)
Games attended last season: (you must have attended two games last season)
First Choice: (candidate name)
Second Choice: (candidate name)
Third Choice: (candidate name)

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GM Matt Webb

We're now accepting candidates for the Player Council. Please email your request to be put on the ballot to, including the name you wish to appear on the ballot, which email you would like to be contacted through, and optionally a contact phone number (this will be solely for use by staff, not publicly available)

We highly encourage players interested in giving their input into the game and building a great community around PF to put themselves on the ballot.

You may also announce your candidacy on social media or here, but to be officially on the ballot, you must do it by email. You must submit your candidacy by August 21st.

Player Council voting will start August 29th and end at midnight, September 4th. The voting method will be announced here.

Details about the Player Council on are on pages 3-5 of the Governance document:

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GM Matt Webb

The 2016-2017 schedule is up. You can view it here:

One note: as you know, we try to avoid conflicting with other games in town, such as DR, Amtgard, etc. We still have some flexibility but wanted to cement (or would it be rubber cement) our schedule at least a little bit. We've avoided all the big events and are keeping DR's traditional spot of the second weekend clear. However - shit does happen and the best laid plans go astray. In particular, DR hasn't finished their scheduling so if there is a conflict, a date or two might shift in the fall and winter schedule.

Thanks for understanding if this happens!

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