Med Patches.

I posted about this on the FB group and somebody asked me if I could make them some. Which I could, but, you know I've forgotten who it was, because I'm terrible and they haven't brought it up again yet... Plus, it's more rewarding to make your own stuff... Right? :D

Version 1.0 are the hand labeled ones on the right. They were by @Dr.deVries, who brought them to the first black box session and was cutting them out. They are made by cutting out contact paper into squares and then rounding off the edges. She also very thoughtfully bent back the corners to they could be easily peeled off the backing which was very convenient during the first game as things were rather hectic.

I wanted to be able to contribute patches in the future, but this seemed very labor intensive... Also, my handwriting isn't nearly as nice as her's. (And the contact paper tends to fall off people's arms, though they stick very well to the chest, just under the collar bone.)

On the right I used Office Depot item 759-867, 1 in round mailing seals. They match up to Avery 5248. You still need to cut them out, but they are designed to be easily separated from the backing so at least there's that. I created the labeling in MS Word using the "labels" feature in the "mailings" tab where I entered the Avery code on the packaging. According to @GM-Matt-Webb, the official font of Planetfall is Nulshock, so that's what I used. Labels come in larger sizes, but I went with these because there's 480 labels in a package which comes out to like $0.02 per patch. These labels stick on people very well just about anywhere except on the top of the forearm or anywhere on the bicep.

I plan to keep using both types of patches, where the smaller printed ones are UE issue, made in a factory, and the larger, hand labeled, ones were made by somebody with the Narcotics Processing skill. (Hence the hand labeling and the larger surface area.) There is no difference in the quality or effectiveness of the medication provided by one or the other, but the finicky nature of the adhesive in the handmade ones means I'll keep it with my stuff in the medical tent to use on subjects who are more likely to be at rest and stay at rest.