Many people are taking the First Aid skill, this gives your character a Medkit, which is used to treat minor and moderate wounds.

I was talking to, I think it was Steve, and he mentioned the physrep for his Medkit was an actual first aid kit. This is, in a word, brilliant. That's the best possible scenario, everybody running around equipped with actual first aid kits.

Also CVS and Wallgreens have a thing where, if you buy three "first aid" items, you get a free nifty red satchel to put your first aid kit in.

Though, say you have an actual first aid kit but you don't want to crack open the real items during play so you can have them for actual emergencies. Here are a few things you can put in there to take out and use. (Please comment and add anything I've missed and post pictures of your own kit.)

  • @Dr.deVries found these nifty little spray bottles at Sally's Beauty Supply. Fill them with rose water, or bottled water and use it as disinfectant, styptic spray, or to spray some kind of medication at a person for them to breathe in.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • White, blue, or red Tic-Tacs. If you can find the "3 Packs" of the small boxes I personally like those the best for this. They are great to use as pills once you pull the label off the box.
  • Cotton pads. You find these in the makeup and/or nails section of drug stores or super markets. They come in either square or round shapes.
  • Travel packs of Q-tips. And when you've used up all the swabs, the container makes a great case for med patches.
  • A travel pack of tissues
  • A baby or ear syringe. Or anything that could pass for an Epi-pen like device
  • Cloth bandages. Either medical gauze, or get some bleached cotton muslin from a fabric store and cut it into strips.
  • Super Glue or "Liquid Bandage"
  • Tampons. Not just for the ladies. If your character is from an environment where gunfire is common these will probably be in your kit. They're very good for field dressing gun shot wounds, seeing as how they're the perfect size to plug the wound and specifically designed to absorb blood.