Every Primary Zone has one. If you think of a graveyard when you walk in, it is intentional. The slim black stone obelisks rise up all over the circular domed chamber, emanating from the clearing in the center with narrow paths in between. Tinted glass lets a dimmed sun in.

Each obelisk has names and numbers. Odessa, 285,000. Hanoi, 483,000. Salt Lake City, 556,000. Death tolls, from war, famine, disease and blight - the price that must never be paid again. No people, only places, no separation of enemy or friend. If you added them all up, it would make every other war ever fought pale in comparison.

The central clearing has the seal of United Earth on it, the Three Principles marked in steel in a ring around it. The inscription over the door as you exit reads "Remember the dead."

Unity officials and officers give their oaths in those chambers. They swear before the dead, affirming the necessity of it all, and how it must never happen again.

(Just a bit of lore that came to me before heading to bed.)