Proposed addition to the code of conduct:

Support your fellow players, don't police them
There is a fine but real line between offering advice or passing on knowledge to your fellow players, and intrusively policing their behavior, character concepts and the like. While passing on knowledge and correcting oversights among players is very encouraged, this can cross the line where a player effectively trying to police and dictate to another how to play, intentionally or unintentionally.

Ultimately, enforcement of the rules and interpretation of the game world falls on the staff; and in the end, their ideas go. If you feel a player is consistently violating the rules or the shared fantasy of the game world, no one is served by you taking matters into your own hands, since even if you are right, you don't have the authority to enforce anything.

In matters such as this, inform the staff and we will correct the misconception on either your part or their part.