Here are some Triad slang, beyond just the Singlish, but rather things you would hear as a Triad contractor.

  • The Dark - the Outer Solar System. Not Mars, but the Asteroid Belt outward.
  • The Buckle - Ceres Station A, the largest refueling and distribution point in the Asteroid Belt
  • Gazer - anyone inexperienced in space, especially a UEA official or new recruit. From stargazer, for their tendency to look at the stars while on EVAs.
  • Code 103, Went to Site 103 - Dead, usually for doing something stupid. 1-0-3 stands for 1 out of 3, the casualty rate in the first year for outer belt miners.
  • Bare Metal - knows their stuff, veteran. Refers to the fact their equipment has lost some of the paint and protective coating so it is showing bare metal.
  • Earn Your Paint - Triad Contractors customize their exosuits once they become veterans. Earning your paint is an informal process, but it's a major faux-pas to decorate your suit too early, before the regulars have accepted you and you've learned the ropes. To 'earn your paint' is to become a in-group member. The new paint job have the practical purpose of making it easier to identify by sight when on EVAs.
  • Snoopy - The head sock worn in an exosuit. Some people never take them off, as they are quite comfortable and warm.
  • Suit crazy - an occasional occurence where a new contractor doing their first long EVA shift freaks out and has severe claustrophobia from being in their suit an extended period of time. In some cases, leads to the poor idiot deciding to try and breath vacuum.