The Planetfall Governance document is going through some revisions, but here is the details on perhaps the most important and interesting part - the Player Council:

The Player Council will be composed of three representatives elected by the player base. To be eligible for the position, a player must not be part of an 'executive' part of the staff - e.g. the Event Team that runs games; the Gamemasters; or the Social Team. They must also have attended at least two games in the last season, and be a legal adult. (Once the LARP is more established, this attendance requirement may be increased). If a player received a formal punishment, under the Code of Conduct or otherwise, in the previous season, they are ineligible.

The Player Council will be elected over a one week balloting period conducted online, completed at least two weeks before the first game of the season. Any player that fulfills the requirements can put themselves on the ballot. Results will remain secret until the ballots are closed, and ballots will only be visible to the Gamemaster. Ballots will be conducted using a multiple choice voting system - voters can assign 3 points to their most preferred candidate, then 2 points to their second most, then 1 point to their third most. The three candidates with the most points are elected to the Council.

To be eligible to vote, a player must have attended at least two games in the last season and be in good standing.

In the event of a tie that would exclude someone from the Council, the highest number of 'first choices' wins, then second choices, then third choice. In the event of a further tie, the winner will be decided by a true random number generator provided by a third party (e.g. Random.Org).

The Player Council has the right to petition or make formal suggestions by a majority vote to the staff; and should be consulted as a group, not individually, by the staff. Players have the right to approach Council members to act as a representative to the staff, though anonymous reporting is highly discouraged. The Player Council may be invited to vote on matters by the staff, following a majority rule, or make formal inputs to rules or policy changes.

In the event of a disciplinary action against a player, any Council member can request an open online meeting with the staff to review the situation, to which all Council members can attend. In the event of a player ban, such a review is required. The Council can request the staff reconsider a disciplinary action by vote.

If a ban has been reviewed and is in place, the Council can ask the staff to reconsider the ban by a unanimous vote. This request can only be made once per ban.

All meetings and votes of the Player Council must be open and should be conducted at easily accessible times online via a suitable venue, such as Google Hangouts, and recordings of them must be publicly available - unless a closed session has been approved by the staff, of which a recording must still be made available to the staff members.

Player Council members are required to attend a post-game online open meeting after every live game with the staff, conducted no later than two weeks after the event. This is the opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions to the staff. Failure to attend one of these meetings without being excused by the staff results in a warning. Failure to attend two for any reason may result in dismissal by the Gamemaster.

The Gamemaster may remove Player Council members for impropriety or conduct unbecoming an officer of the game, and they will be held to the highest standards of the Code of Conduct. By vote, the Player Council can ask the staff to remove one of their members as well.
In the event of a vacancy, if there was a 4th most popular candidate that received any votes, they will be appointed if eligible, willing and available. If unavailable, an interim election will be held, allowing for a one week ballot for candidates using the same system of multiple choice voting. Highest voted candidate wins.

Our first Player Council will be elected in the beginning of September.