First off, I'd like to say we got a great round of volunteers, and they all deserve our thanks for stepping up and helping with the game as it grows. I look forward to working with every single one of them. Here is our new staff roster going into the Beta Series:

Matthew Webb

Event Team
Matthew Webb (Acting Coordinator)
Riley Seaman (Assistant Gamemaster)
Tyler Gaskin (Assistant Gamemaster)
Todd Cole (Assistant Gamemaster)
Melanie Gibson (Referee)
Guy Wyngarde (Referee)
Morgan Nuncio (Referee)

Props and Costuming
Michelle Hermark (Coordinator)
Calvin DeGraffenreid

Anne Standiford (Coordinator)
Rachel Cooley

Social Team
(Coordinator TBD)
Michelle Hermark
Rachel Cooley
Morgan Nuncio

Outreach Team
Mike Skalka (Coordinator)
Michelle Hermark

Rules and Design Team
Matthew Webb (Acting Coordinator)
Riley Seaman
Tyler Gaskin
Todd Cole
Jonathan Leistiko

Software Development Team
John Stradling
Samuel Phelps