feather field notes
"New unity is getting to hot for me so as soon as Jael 're-up's my meds I'm heading out of town for awhile." said shilo

rest of the day was spent gathering supplies for long a trek and as mid day came and with meds in hand and enough water for a couple days stashed in the field and plenty of my own food to last me a while .. I was ready

Having trekked to old crashed site the travel was far easier to avoid dangerous creatures by myself then having to deal with a loud group. . As the seconed day sun was setting and I arrived to the old camp site from before...

"man these guys were a little messy but at least the rain catch was still collecting water . I guess I should put up armored shelter of some kind and start a fire" shilo said to himself .

The night was rough having spent most of it looking for good wood and building good walls .
. Shilo spent a few day hunt and traps small game and cooking and smoking meat, along with filtering rain water from a catch system is holding as a morning rain drops more into a drum of un-filter water .

As the noon time comes and go's i looked too the direction of new unity with mix feelings of longing and disdain.. i sigh knowing i would have go back to check back in.
That night was slow and rain fills the night sky I started packing my things so I could leave early in the morning.

As I walks back into new unity I was confronted by the enforcers wondering where I had been .and having given my normal response of hunt and trapping they suspiciously waved me on
As night came he passed smoke and cooked food to Aza and Jael and checking on his treatment

Shilo taking no real time to relax in town stock up on water and head back out early the next morning spending as Much time at crash site hunting smoking and filtering rain water.