1. Fill out the portions from Project Title through Timeline.
  2. Add any additional information in in the "other information and notes" area.
  3. Hand this to Sonja or Penny next time you see one of them and they will help you fill in the rest as well as sign off for approval to begin the project once it has reached the top of the queue.
  4. Leave your project card with the administrator so we can requisition the items you need.

Please realize that all projects are subject to approval of administration. At this time we have created a priority scale to help the colony use its resources most efficiently. For transparency the following are the guidelines for the priority scale:

AA - This project will supersede all others in the queue as it is vital for the immediate survival of the colony.
ex: Fixing the broken buildings so that we could shelter from the clickers and weather.

A - This project has to do with survival needs such as water, food, or shelter or increasing the overall efficiency of some process.
ex: The algae food production pit or building the second smelter.

B - This project has to do with a need of the colony, but the need is not intrinsically liked to survival or increased overall efficiency.

C - This project is a luxury item.

Again, these are guidelines and are subject to change as needed to fit the colony's needs.