Commissary Officer’s Report, Foxtrot Drop


Current food and water supplies have been added to the invrec spreadsheet.

Overall, we have about 224 units of water and 223 units of food. With the additional carcasses available to be processed at this time we can expect approximately 140 units (using the 5 meat per carcass average) more meat that will need to be cooked, seasoned, or preserved in the very near future.


I would consider our food and water situation to be stable, but not plentiful. Given our erratic growth rate and drop schedule it is hard to predict future needs. I’m basing my estimates on 50 people, though the most we’ve seen in the colony at any one time is 44 given that many have not returned from scouting excursions in the past few weeks. As a colony we will need to make certain to have about 10-15% padding in case father surprises us all with another large drop, like this last one, or some of our colonists come back from the field.


I posit that the colony should mine salt at a more rapid pace to keep up with the demand from seasoning/preserving meats as well as making saline solutions for greater hydration and IV solutions for the critically dehydrated or injured. As our mining team is busy with other critical matters the colony may need recruit some of those whose skills are currently underutilized to go out with the miners to learn the basics so they can mine salt with proficiency. I have been made aware that those who do not possess at least a basic certification in mining can still mine salt, but that it is fairly inefficient. Some basic training should not take up too much time and would increase efficiency substantially. Salt is a need that will not be going away anytime soon therefore having more people with the capability to efficiently mine is an overall benefit to the colony.

At one point of time I did have to start turning people away that weren’t enduring heavy labor to keep our mining/smelting/forging/construction team fed. It was thanks to the hunters and gatherers that we were able to make it through and ultimately end with enough stores to stabilize the colony’s supplies. In the future it would be better if we could send at least a minimal hunting party out more regularly to keep the spikes and dips from reoccurring, though I understand this will heavily depend on how many proficient gun users we have in the colony at the time. We can only hope that some of those in the field return or that father sees fit to drop a few more. Historically speaking, morale can be highly food based and having to turn people away or only being able to offer CHON to someone that is already highly disenfranchised is a recipe for a revolt if it persists long enough.

Neither Sonja nor myself have any ammo at this time. We need to work on making a small stockpile of ammo for the hunters and military. From what I could tell Midus had no issue creating it quite easily from supplies he already possessed for other projects. I would like to know the recipe for the ammunition so that we can make certain we are keeping these materials on hand in the future and not diverting all of them to any project without taking ammo into account first. Ammo is a survival need and its production should be taking precedence over all but the most critical projects when we’re running low.

The food algae production project is underway. I’ve explained the process over the spire network and as it’s a longer process please see that post for efficiency. Jo, Mischa, and Klaus can also fill people in as needed. As long as nothing more critical comes up this project could be completed in a few weeks. It is my opinion that the supplementation of our food supply is critical to the long-term survival of the colony. This will take a large burden off of our hunters and gatherers and allow us to set aside a small stockpile should the clickers move to besiege us or further earthquakes cause more methane issues that could trap us inside of the colony. My only concern is that the food algae needs purified water to survive and that will cut into our supplies. If the food algae needs too much water to survive we could be stuck pumping by hand again which decreases the overall efficiency of the colony.

On a less dismal note, judging by our current water supply we can start making teas and coffees for those that need a morale boost. Given the strength of the water purification algae (and barring any large draw by the food algae) we can afford to have a few small luxuries in this area. I would like to have the efficiency of the water algae studied and I would like to know if there is anyway to improve our current design to get more out of the system. The 60 units of water it produced are nothing short of amazing, but we still have to pump and purify at least 60-80 units of water a day to keep up with our needs given the current heavy and rapidly dehydrating workload that many are experiencing.

The following is addressed to those who are rumored to have considered or begun hoarding at this time:

The next time you’re bleeding out after a clicker attack look to your left and your right. Those doctors whose hands are covered in your blood, those people risking themselves to pull you to safety regardless of their inability to use a weapon to protect themselves, those who surround you and worry about you or encourage the doctor to try once again to keep you alive - those are the people that you are withholding supplies from.

Whatever you think, you are not withholding supplies from the UEA. You are withholding supplies from NEW UNITY, the colony that desperately needs every ration and every unit of water it can get right now. I can’t stress enough how much it pains me to know that some of you have chosen to hoard supplies when I had to turn away people who were hungry. I had to tell them that our supplies were too depleted while some of you secretly stashed food for yourselves. If you had shared that food we all would have satisfied our hunger, but in your selfishness you hurt another who may have saved you from a clicker later that night.

Remember the next time you “set something aside for yourself” or “stash something for later” what you are really doing is taking supplies away from those that are working to ensure your survival. Nobody can survive alone; we are a community and if you don’t want to be part of New Unity there’s a million square kilometers of Medina where you can try to eke out some subsistence living on your own. For the rest of us we will work together, we will thrive, and we will share what we have with those who share with us.

This report has been compiled and submitted by:
Penny Drake, Commissary Office, New Unity