The Office of Radical Measures is a paramilitary arm of the ecological and disease control efforts within the Continuity Directorate. A strange combination of environmental protection and scientific institution, intelligence agency and paramilitary group, it has no corollary in the 21st Century.

It has three major divisions -

  • Biological Threat Control is one of the most active groups. It constantly operates within UEA controlled agriculture enterprises, as well as covertly monitoring off-grid farms in Black Sectors and Administered Zones. It is concerned with fighting, isolating and eliminating the crop blights which ravaged the world's food output in the Second Dark Age, and has made great strides. However, isolated breakouts of these super-blights still occur, and often farmers fearful of losing entire crops will attempt to avoid official scrutiny.
  • Threat Analysis is both secret police and intelligence service. Responding to reports of disease outbreaks - whether plant, animal or human. They are concerned with assessing the situation on the ground. Typical operations include drone intelligence gathering and the infiltration of one or more agents into a possible hot zone, while avoiding scrutiny from locals.
  • Consolidation Squads are the penultimate step in disease control for United Earth. They are fully armed squads of operatives uniquely trained in operating in hot zones. Their duties are to 'consolidate' losses into order to prevent widespread consequences for humanity. They give the word 'radical' to Radical Measures. Local resistance is eliminated and vectors for disease (whether living humans or anything else) are destroyed - usually with flame.

Both Threat Analysis and Consolidation are fully aware that they are disposable should an outbreak be dangerous enough. The ultimate step for Radical Measures, once others are exhausted, is the widespread 'sanitization' of areas. Napalm and fuel-air explosives are a preferred tool for this operation.