As shilo make his last check on his gear. He take a look around new unity watching a few people just passing by like it was just another day on earth and not medina.
But just maybe it just him that was thinking it was another day on earth ,Shilo shook his head of his wondering and turned to the future, when was he going to be back and what he would find this time.

The travel time from new unity to the crash site seemed shorter now as it used to take two day to travel it took now took a day and a half.
As shilo set up camp in the crash site it started to rain he scrambled to get rain catch working as he was knocked over by something while he was gone. The rain poured for the rest of the day.

Shilo entry 1
The site clear of hostels, I did find stuff knocked over but nothing broken, I guess I should sure up walls to keep things out before I turn in for the night... dinner should be fun being dried meat and water .. Would be nice to get tea or something …

Night one crash site
As the rain fell, shilo tossed and turned in his sleep the nightmarish visions of his tribe agonizing screams filled his head. A large crash of trees awoke shilo from his dream something was watching him.
Shilo spent the rest of the night in vigil watching and wondering what had made the crashing noise.
As the night gave way to the morning shilo worked his way from his encampment looking over where the sound came from.
Shilo entry 2
A part of the crash site fell down the hill…. I think it had help but I might have found a few items that might prove useful… I’ll report more after a breakfast and little scouting.
Day 2 crash site area
As the day when on shilo finds more things that should together but in true native luck he going to have rig it and make them work …and on top of that he spotted a herd of Tatana across the river .

Shilo report 3
So good news tatanka are on the move into the valley. Bad news I found the makings of hydroponics and if I can make a distill so I can get pure h2o and linked with the plant food I found this morning we could have a useable food source … but it will take time and if the tatanka move on I might miss my chance to hunt big game . Side note I did set my small traps for small game … grandfather words keep running thru my head... beware of laughing coyote. That all for now report back later...

The days blend into each other and before long shilo has spent a week or so rigging, hunting and filtering water, the tatanka had not moved on but the nights seem to weigh heavily on shilo.

Shilo report 4
It’s done I got hydro plants berries and red lotus to take … not all food but it what I could find and get to take , transporting should be painless just slower than normal and my still is working makes great water just got to remember not to make it my main source of h2o .
Hunting is going ok a few things shot a few things and snared small game... but it looks like the tatanka’s are going to move soon having eaten most of the grasses in the valley , man can those thing consume grass.
The passes two night I see red glowing eye in the wood nearby but it seems not to keen of fire so plus side for me I guess … I think I came up with a name for the crash camp coyote…any who turning in for the night hope the red eyes will leave me alone tonight .. But heading out first thing in the morning with all my new stuff …

Camp coyote last night

As the shilo set the fire and re checks the walls to his make shift fort he stop too wonder if his father was right by telling him he was not ready to lead the tribe all those many years ago, or if he could find the true path in this unknown world .. As if the clouds were reading his mind it started to rain.
In the middle of the rainy night another crash much closer this time as shilo sprang from his sleep the red eye’s broke thru the heavy sheet of rain more red eye’s appeared... the far wall had been broken into... shilo opened fire into what seemed to be made of mist and shadow the only thing that felt real was the burning red eyes.. As round after round makes its marks a shrill scream of pain came from the beast and a can only be deemed a cackle like sound coming from the other red eyes the encounter was over. As the first light lit the encampment shilo pack his things and head back to new unity...

Shilo report 5

Fought the red eyes couldn’t get clear look at them but I think I’m lucky to be alive... I guess when I return I need to fortify better. Good news tatanka are moving this morning and in the same direction as new unity so with a little luck I can hunt tonight... after I drop stuff off to aza …

Shilo heart was pounding with heavy load and lack of sleep he just start to laugh no punch line no real reason just loud soul fulfilling laughter.