Leeroy Hopkins Personal Log
Everything here is foreign and unknown. The Unification Forces think they can control the entire colony, and seem to be under the assumption that because I am new to this planet, that I will simply assimilate into this catastrophic system they think they have the right to control. This is not how I work. I worked as law and order in the vast administration zone south of Dallas. I used my quiet nature and subtle seeming’s of understanding to gain trust and work to keep the Doctrines of the United Earth Authority. The United Forces think that they can undermine my authority with their bullying. I won’t stand for this. I will work with the Unification forces to further this Colonization, as I will work with the Enforcers in their jobs, but some military dogs do not have the right or authority to order me around. I just hope it doesn’t come to violence… because I will not forsake The UEA’s will.

Day 1. The drop. What a lousy situation this was. Father seems to be a little on the confused side, slurring and stuttering constantly as we dropped. I’m just glad the retrograde thrusters actually fired and we didn’t become a kinetic bomb. But of course, it can’t be easy. When my supplies were loaded on Father, my main gun was removed from my drop pod, either by a thief or maybe even father itself, in the state it is in. Regardless, I only have my side arm to protect myself, and while it was always my trusty backup on earth, it would appear that these brutes the colonist call Clickers can stand up to a serious amount of gunfire. Hopefully a spare will drop soon so that I can have a better gun at my side. It better be soon too, the UF think they run this town, and are constantly harassing us Rangers, and attempting to undermine our authority. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. I refuse to let some boys with toys push us around and treat us like meat that will bend to their will, and so far the enforcers have been almost completely out of the picture, though I hear some have been out on recon. I hope this doesn’t get ugly, we need all the guns we can get, but I’ll be damned before I let some boys with guns try and take over.
During the night, all hell broke lose. Clickers swarmed us from all sides, and I was injured. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of the events. We were swarmed, and my weapon malfunctioned, and then I was stabbed. I remember glimpses of being dragged by Knoxville to the medical bay, and a sharp, searing pain as they yanked something out of my chest. Then my memory fades…..
Day 2. I was unable to do much on today, but I did assist the captain in some work that was of utmost importance to keeping this colony stable and efficient. Besides this, our scientist and doctors have successfully developed a CT scanner, as well as performed successful brain surgery. I hope for everyone’s sake that we can get this parasite irradiated, once and for all. This will be the end of my log for now, as I am off to hunt a giant beast with some others, but I fear for my health, because since last night, I have not been well. I have a cold sweat that appears, and dizziness slowly rocks my body in waves. Let us hope this is a simple matter, and not the signs of something worse.

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