Report 2

It has been 4 weeks since my last report. I have been stuck on mission off site scouting and playing babysitter for scientists. I wish I could say it has been a safe job but then I would be lying. Luckily I was called back to help with the protection of the colony. They really needed all the soldiers they can get their hands on because when I got back to the colony the place looked like a wreck. I was informed that North Gate took a beating from the elements and part of the North wall came down. South Gate was exactly the same from when I left the colony. Luckily South Gate has its own natural walls which makes defending it a whole lot easier. Well I thought that finding out about the status of our defenses would be the worst part of the day but I assumed too much. As a wise man once said “assumptions are the mother of all fuckups”. Father dropped us a little package which consisted of new arrivals and to make it even better they landed near a pack of clickers. I wanted to just sit back and see who would snap out of the side effects of cryo and get their butts to the gate but I was ordered to go out there with SGT. Fister and protect the arrivals. Like usual I was playing babysitter. SGT. Fister and I made it out there right before the clickers got on top of the stragglers. I killed two clickers with Lacy (my shotgun) before one got lucky and ripped my arm open. Luckily when it attacked me I was able to put a shell into it before it got its lucky shot on my arm. I wanted to kill the other clickers that were on their way but was ordered to pull back to keep an eye on the group. When I got back to North Gate I was told to get treatment for the wound that I had got from the attack. One thing I will say is the Docs here in the colony don’t take shit from anything including clickers. Dr. Strauss (hopefully I am spelling it right) had the job of patching me up. While she was working on me we had a few clickers get close but not notice us (that’s what we get for patching up wounds next to the fight). One thing I noticed was Doc Strauss was ready to throw down if needed. She had her big knife ready to play operation on a clicker if they noticed us. Some convict came running up to the North Gate ready to fight. I had him take my shotgun to go deal with the bug problem. Not very long after I handed him my shotgun he came back. I should have known he would have some trouble. No one can handle Lacy like I can.

After the Clicker attack on the pod COL. Quinn had all the UF soldiers meet by South Gate. Fister and I noticed the new blood that arrived and man were they an interesting bunch of bastards. We checked on how much action they have seen and we noticed some had seen action and some didn’t. It looks like I’m going to need to come up with some more nicknames for this crew. Thank god some of them already made my job easy by standing out. Father sent us a couple of Spec ops. also. I have dealt with many Spec ops. soldiers and they don’t impress me. I’ve had to put down several Spec ops. Soldiers because they get into the way and end up becoming part of the problem. Hopefully these guys don’t become part of the problem. Don’t get me wrong more guns the better but Spec ops. tend to try to control situations without having the entire picture. Only time will tell. I noticed that there are rangers on the ground now since my last time being in colony. I have been gone a good amount of time but wow on security. I don’t know how I feel yet on the Rangers because they are all different. One thing I noticed was the Spec ops. guys try to order the Rangers around and the Top Ranger tries to order the Spec ops. around. I don’t see this ending well (most likely with bullets) because there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. Last time I was in Medina I remember there was some enforcers in the drop I came down in. They must be on mission or something but when they come back I think we might have a Mexican standoff between the Rangers, UF and the Enforcers. Part of me wants that because I love a good fight but the other part doesn’t. We need to work together to stay alive and bickering about who outranks who doesn’t get the job done.

For the first time since I landed I was able to relax for a moment and go hunting with Private 1st class Abel Lewis which I nicked named Billy the kid. We were able to bring in some meat for the colony and pain flowers for the doctors. It’s funny the military shrinks that landed on the planet have been wanting to talk to every soldier here. They will never get me to talk about my feelings. I would first go on a date with a clicker before I talk to one of those shrinks. First night back showed how we need to work together because we were hit badly by clickers. They attacked both North and South Gate. I was on South Gate when we were attacked. It’s funny though because two seconds before the attack I came in from the field and noticed big bright lights on the South Gate. I told the guards there to turn off the lights because the clickers are attracted to the lights. Well…..they learned the hard way. We held the South gate but we noticed that clickers come in different sizes. The Regulars or scouts I call them take 6 to 7 shot to put down. Not that big of a deal but enough if you only have one clip. But then we started getting little ones which I call the workers. They would go down with 1 or 2 shots. Very easy to kill but then there’s another type of clicker. Some of us call these Juggernauts or I called them soldiers. These ones take a lot more rounds to take down. I unloaded 3 clips into one before it went down. One thing I noticed between all three was the strength. I had set up barricades at the South Gate to keep clickers out. Workers and Scouts would go around it or be stuck behind it but the Soldiers would rip my barricades out of the ground and toss them like they were nothing. We need to set up a strategy to deal with these soldiers. I brought up the idea to lure the soldiers out and use primitive explosives to take it down. I was denied. Hopefully they will see the light and use the idea. After the attack on the South Gate I was ordered to check the North Gate. On my way to the North Gate I was attacked by two clickers inside the walls of the colony. My first thought was the North Gate fell so I ran to the North Gate only to find the soldiers there (spec ops. and other guns) in the pit where a fence was between them and whatever would come at them. Don’t get me wrong it was a smart idea to go there to stay alive but a dumb idea because it gave a straight shot into the colony where I killed 2 clickers. If I hadn’t been ordered to check the North Gate those 2 clickers would have flanked us at South Gate and could have caused the South Gate to fall. South Gate wasn’t being attacked when I was ordered to check North Gate but it wasn’t secure yet because we heard clickers in the distance. When I was talking to the soldiers at North Gate trying to find out why they are not blocking the road into the colony COL. Quinn walked up the path next to me. A moment after COL. Quinn arrived a clicker came out from behind the building and struck COL. Quinn down. I also went down because when it attacked Quinn. I raised my gun to fire and it jammed on me. The bastard reopened my same wound I had received earlier in the day. The clicker was able to keep running past us right into the colony. I don’t know if anyone else went down from that clicker but I am not happy that it got in. I went to the medics who was in a building and it was like walking into the past with having to deal with disease outbreaks and triage tents. Many fighters were wounded that night and I’m pretty sure one of our wounds was our pride. We have been so used to being the only badass on the block but now we met another badass who can match us. Luckily we held out and the attack stopped for the night.

It’s funny how soldiers kill time when there’s no one to fight. Example would be when the whisps showed up and all we could talk about was how we could use them for target practice. Hell one soldier took a shot at one of the whisps. We all thought it was funny…..well maybe not the scientists but the soldiers thought so. Next morning I was ordered to go with a group because they needed hunters. Maybe it will give me time to think on how to deal with the problems here in medina.