So, we have a lot of Unification Forces players now, so questions have arose as to the mentality and the ethos of the UF. What are they like compared to today's military? What are their driving principles?

The most important aspect of the UF mindset is an extreme reflection of the entire Unity mentality - that they are ruthless by necessity, not by nature. They live in a world where the value of a single human life is almost nil. Someone who stands in opposition to United Earth is worse than nil, they are an active impediment to the survival of the species. Their strategies reflect that. When going into regressive enclaves or areas of opposition, the UF has little regard for civilian cost of life. The Unity mentality states that those people who live and support opposition to United Earth are as much of the problem as the actual soldiers in arms - the idea of memetic fitness states it is the mentality that is the problem, not just the rebel itself. To that end, anyone holding that mentality is a fair target.

That said, they use exactly as much force as necessary to smash their target with the minimum of trouble. They are not cruel by nature. They do not "play with their food" like the militaries of some despotic regimes have. They do not rely on terror tactics - they rely on overwhelming and awesome use of force.

The UF is rarely used against populations inside the Primary Zones. They have garrisons and border patrols inside the Administered Zones, but riot control and other actions is the province of the Enforcers.

The UF are not sociopaths. They would root out sociopaths - they are unreliable. You are more likely to find sociopaths in the ranks of the Enforcers, but even then, it would be rare. The UF wants people who follow orders, who understand the reasons why they are doing what they do, and do not one bit more.

Key to the Unity mentality, especially with the UF, is 'the math'. Unity knows what has to be done to save the planet, and what has to be sacrificed. Their every move is justified, truly justified. They weigh the options. They act without doubt because they have taken the steps to remove all doubt. If a settlement of 900 people and 90 fighters, all of which are more likely to cause more problems than offer humanity solutions, stands in open opposition - the UF will bomb, gas and raid without much thought as to the cost.

And in the end, it is because others forced them to be this way, not because they want to be this way.