A quick clarification because people have asked:

There is no secret canon.

And no, I don't mean that the someone is hiding a 88mm gun somewhere. What I mean is that - no one has been given special information about the setting. Official lore is recorded either in the Lore forum here, or on the Archive site feature (which is getting a revamp soon).

If you have a question, or someone is saying something that doesn't match up with any written lore, ask me and I can tell you whether it is official or not and if you just didn't look in the right place. Games of telephone do happen, but considering that gaming is a mutual constructed fantasy, it is important to nip misinformation or misinterpretations in the bud early.

When new lore is added, it is recorded here or on Archive. If a question has been asked and the answer important to make generally available, it will be published. Any questions? Good.

Attempts to enforce a unwritten point as canon will be stopped and the interloper into my writing room warned. Once.

That said, here's some key points that need debunking:

  • Normal human lifespan is not much longer than it is in the present day, especially for people outside of the Green Zones
  • The Neoprimitives, the Edenites and the Tech Doctrine are well tolerated within United Earth and are not considered Utopian doctrines. They are not persecuted. As groups, they usually comply with Unity goals. Tech Doctrine is second only to the Unity memescape in prominence and was only targeted during the Schism because its institutions were subverted by others.
  • The conflict in the Amazon is ongoing and is now decades old.
  • The Unification Wars were over 60 years ago. Veterans of those wars are old men. The "old Unity" excessively brutal mentality is dying off with them, compared to the slightly more tolerant post-Schism Unity.

Also, and this is just a rules point, 'Killing Blow 1 - 2 - 3' is not in our combat rules. Look 'em up.