The largest training base of the Unification Forces, both in area and population, is Kamina Training Center. Situated in the center of what was the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kamina is sprawling complex of educational centers, training grounds and live-fire areas. Almost every UF soldier has been there once.

Founded many decades after the end of the Unification Wars, Kamina was chosen for two reasons - already existing infrastructure as a transportation center while still being relatively isolated, as well as having access to a variety of different terrain types including jungle at the same latitude as the troublesome Amazon Continuing Integration Area. The once middling size African city has been completely taken over by UF personnel and their supporters. In addition to the Training Center proper, Unity maintains a variety of wargame areas and mock facilities in the surrounding area. Kamina is within the Katanga Special Zone, administered directly by UF military police and personnel.

The most famous permanent resident of Kamina is retired General Yoshiharu Murakami. The elderly Murakami is still an active instructor in military history and 'consolidation tactics', as well as being the head of the school's board of advisers. He is one of the few and certainly the most active living Unification Wars veterans, and is a treasured expert on both military procedure and the history of that era. His classes rarely have a spare seat.

Nicknames abound for Kamina, but the most common among English speaker that are suitable for polite company as 'Big K' and 'Katie' (KTC).