Commissary Officer’s Report, Golf Drop


Current food and water supplies have been added to the invrec spreadsheet.

We have 300+ units of water (with some of that being polluted) and 265 units of food. With the additional carcasses available to be processed at this time we can expect approximately 20 units (using the 5 meat per carcass average).


Given that there is a large hunting party underway our food situation may be more stable shortly; for now we’re not in the weeds, but we’re not in the clear either. There was a very large drop this past week that was more draining on our stores that I would have liked and with only two new hunters in that last drop it is not surprising that we couldn’t keep up with the growth.

The rainy weather has had the benefit of causing our water supply to stabilize and even grow. This is fantastic news and I look forward to the rain continuing as it is a far more efficient source of water than the pump, though the mud it creates is rather unpleasant at times (and still unsettling for me).


For those that are undergoing hard physical labor the metallurgists have worked out a fantastic system where they let me know the approximate amount of total food and water they will need for a project and I give them a lump sum so that they do not need to find me again until the next project rolls around. This is highly efficient and I have no qualms with extending this to the miners, foragers, and others who experience a large loss of any biometric during their usual course of duties.