(catching up on my journal entries)

Per usual, new map of near resources created. Been more seismic activity than usual. We also have been receiving some transmissions about what we believe is to be an impending earthquake. Anyway, need to check on my usual worker Joesph and see what we have going.

So, new triad engineer in this last drop and they already have him working away at the forge. Well, at least he will have a chance to be social. I know he has basic mining skills, but he probably won't get a chance to use them much.

Also got another freelance miner from Mars and a triad gun, both of which are now in on our small submarket.

Second drop. I GOT A MINING RIG!!!
By Saturn's Rings what a beautiful sight! An air powered old fashioned jackhammer with a mini air compressor and tank. It can hold enough to do about 1-1.5 hours of work a day before it needs to rest and refill the tank. Of course as luck would have it, as I'm heading out to use it for the first time, I get a hell of a cramp in my leg.

Had to be carried back into town and get a doc to look at it. Course I just tell them to get me a massage, something for the pain, and I will be good to go. Next thing I know, there's Gander mumbling something about my caterwalling and I'm out like a dark side.

I come to, got injection spots on my arm, and sticks tied to my leg. Doc told me no heavy work for an hour. He was a new guy fresh out the box, can't blame him for not knowing me that well. That rig works like a dream!

So me and the other two passed the rig around with whoever is working. It works best on the minerals and soft substances. I am also more proficient with it than the others.

Quake finally hit, stirred up the clickers while I was out mining. Me and Jo have to repair three buildings now. Lots of resources and time, but not impossible.

So now I'm on the Medina council... Who would of seen that one coming?
Grant asked me who I would like to name as my representative for mining and resources. I honestly couldn't think of any person that wasn't an engineer that had my proficiencies that I knew well enough. So I threw my own name in the hat and I guess they liked it. They want me to name a second, but my "crew" is nothing but scoundrels and thieves that happen to know how to hit a rock the right way to be effective.

I may not be the most honest person out here myself, but at least I can plan, follow directions mostly, and QUANTIFY! Oh, and I have a mining rig!

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