(Beta 3, Saturday)

Medina is a cold bitter cunt right now. All in all I would prefer to be on the Valhalla Crater. Cold piercing wind cuts through most my layers. Even now as I rest near the forge I can feel it. Had another Triad miner drop today. Eager young man who is well qualified and proficient.

A note on production. It's a pell-mell mess. Engineers go to random resource people to get supplies, work orders are not being used, I can barely keep up with my main two workers. It's maddening! I try my best to make sure they are mining things we need, but I never know who is building what, or what they already happen to have. Besides keeping them busy, I made sure to get all the supplies for 200 bullets. The whole time I was trying to get that done, I felt like I was getting in the way of the engineers and it shouldn't be that way.

A note about the council meeting. What a shambles. All Grant wanted to talk about was getting off of the limestone filtration system. Everyone literally went in vicious circles on presenting ideas, tearing them down, going off on tangents, then cycling back around. Of course I didn't have much to offer, so I just sat back and watched them go at it for a while.

An issue just now. In my process of getting materials ready for bullets, I got an engineer who wasn't busy to work the iron. Joe came over later, asking said engineer if the iron was done for the steel plates. She starting insisting that the iron he was currently working on was hers, not mine. In the end we figured out that he has already finished that load and had given it to Penney in her resource roundup. So Joe can't keep track of what is and isn't being built. Something needs to be done. More thought needs to had here.

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