(Beta 4, Sunday)

I was doing research on trying to improve the filtration system. The only chance to get off of the limestone is rainwater collection, boiling/steam catching, or the algae vats. Drea has already deduced that there is no clean top water. Due to the sulfurous nature of Medina, all water sources on the planets top and underground need filtration. The algae vats are great, but are slow. There is an aquifer under our limestone deposit, but that is what we are currently pumping from and is acidic. We are NOT pumping from the marsh as was thought by most.

The filtration process also produces a sulfurous/toxic slurry as a by product. Unnoticed by all but the spire drone, we have been dumping the slurry into the marsh. The spire drone equated this to "Throwing sand onto a beach." and poses no threat. Although I could offer no insight on getting OFF of the limestone system, I was looking at improving it. I drew up a draft on a water processing plant that would free up man power and bulk produce water. See earlier sketches.

The system would be limestone hungry, but we should be producing equal to what we are now. Only one technician is required to man and maintain it. Now with the increased water volume comes an increase in the toxic slurry. We will be looking into if the slurry, when dumped in bulk, is a hazard. We will also be doing research to see if it has ANY potential use or processing capabilities. I'm currently waiting for a spire drone to finish reviewing the drafts so we can know details for constuction.
Need numbers on:

  • power reqs for water pump
  • limestone per use
  • water output per use
  • toxic output per use
  • Eco impact of slurry dumping

Ideally this will free people up to do other tasks.

A thought on a better system between resource gen and builders. I think I know a foreseeable solution, but need to know and learn a few more things before I present to Sonya.

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