If you are bringing any nerf-style guns, ammo clips, or even the nerf hatchets and other accessories to game, it is recommend that you put your initials on your items. For the guns you can use an industrial sharpie or a labelmaker to put your OOG initials on the butt of your gun as well as on any pieces that detach like stocks or barrels (you can put your initials on the inside at the attachment point so they are inconspicuous). For the ammo clips do the same on the the bottom (the part that points to the back of the weapon for the Rival line or the underside of a drum). And the same should go for weapons like the hatchet - maybe on the handle or grip area. By having initials in relatively the same area it will make identification faster and easier.

Everyone has been fantastic about sharing their ammo clips and weapons around and the staff just wants to make certain that everyone is recovering their items before they leave game. I don't think we had a single incident at a game thus far and I really praise our community for handling everything so well. It's great to see people share, help out new players, and keep the colony alive by passing around weapons, clips, and ammo.

This recommendation is just to make the process easier in the future as the game grows. Let's face facts, unless they're painted or modded you basically can't tell one weapon from the next and it's very easy that mistakes could happen. Let's work together to prevent the issue entirely.

Oh - and a note from Rachel. Paint your weapons to make them custom and explore some color options to help differentiate them. I'll make a post on the BB as I take my hammershot apart and paint it up. It's got a ton of steps, but it's really only an afternoon's work as you watch some TV in between coats