So, I understand that in a LARP, parity is the goal in all things. So queuing actions is generally inadvisable, because you want to ensure that the person is actively roleplaying the actions they're prepping. You don't want them setting up five mining actions and then doing something else while they complete, especially doing that and then going to bed for six hours.
That said, in the case of the rest function, it often becomes somewhat of a hassle to do several in a row. For example, the more you NEED a rest, the less time it takes. So if I need to take several rests in a row, what I might actually like to do is close my eyes for a solid half hour, maybe even take an actual nap. But I can't do that effectively if I have to get up every eleven minutes to rescan the QR code. I would request that the Rest function allow you to plan several in a row to alleviate this and allow for more effective resting, both in-character and out.