We're now accepting candidates for the Player Council. Please email your request to be put on the ballot to prepareforplanetfall@gmail.com, including the name you wish to appear on the ballot, which email you would like to be contacted through, and optionally a contact phone number (this will be solely for use by staff, not publicly available)

We highly encourage players interested in giving their input into the game and building a great community around PF to put themselves on the ballot.

You may also announce your candidacy on social media or here, but to be officially on the ballot, you must do it by email. You must submit your candidacy by August 21st.

Player Council voting will start August 29th and end at midnight, September 4th. The voting method will be announced here.

Details about the Player Council on are on pages 3-5 of the Governance document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-FvZS-pLP3KVwRX08vwNsV-dQSR5rpoVXcYLCNGiYiY/edit?usp=sharing