As you may know, Planetfall prides itself on providing a diverse and engaged player base and a free and fair environment for all members of our community. To that end, we have since our inception had 'inclusion advisers', members of the player community that we draw upon to advocate for and give advice on groups who are under-represented in our game and in society at large.

We are pleased to announce a new inclusion adviser - Tommie Roberts has accepted our offer to handle trans issues in our games. If you have any concerns or questions regarding how these issues are addressed both in our game and in our community, you may approach her if you are not comfortable with speaking to the staff or think she would be a better advocate than a member of the Player Council or a staff member.

Our other inclusion advisers include:

Joseph Ginnings - Native American/First Nations issues
Morgan Nuncio - Women's and Hispanic issues
Angella Seaman - Women's and Native American/First Nations issues
Mike Walton - African American issues