Enter the Spyder

As the sun light faded from the room leaving only the soft glow of a wrist scanner illuminate the dirty and crumbling house.
A voice came from the scanner “ sir I've compiled the report would you like to recount for your log?”
The man was slumped on a dusty chair in the middle of the room opened his eyes as if he was sleeping . “yes C.A.L. i guess i should, i might not have time later.”

“Entry log 1783 report Security code orange, Staff Sergeant administrator Gray Spyder making personal report for review .”

It started two weeks ago, around a neo primitive trading and farming settlement near old austin city zone, having been the go to admin for this settlement for most of a year, it was a welcomed change from my time in with the offices of Radical measures, my duty include security detail for this settlement/farm. a year ago the triad security forces was hit very hard by vagabonds and having just been gotten back from a medical leave i was thought it would be good to ease back into life .
Uea and triad outfitted me with the state of the art cybernetics and AI assistance C.A.L.
In the year i had made my settlement stable fighting bandits fighting and blight and restoring trade and…

“ sir i do believe you are, what do you call it “waffling on”. “ said cal
Gray looked at the soft glow of cal sprite on the screen of his scanner “ sorry cal i guess i’ll get to the point , make easier for you “
“ very good sir i can only cut and paste so much .” as the light of cal dimmed

“Continue on entry log 1783 same security coding”

As stated two weeks ago the neo primitives settlement i was admin and watching over a new squad of soldiers and proving security. Had been hit by a new set of bandits taking the settlement new shipment of food and raw materials but unlike the one’s before these guys were far too informed i sent a request for a back up team ,but only got defend the line order
A day after i sent in the request the Bandits kidnap a few of the villagers. i formed a rescue team out of my security force, myself , and three others . spent three day looking for the bandit we thought we got lucky and finding the bandit hideout .
Perform a dynamic entry on the building fire fight ensued and after short time one member of my team was injured and all of the bandit force were dispatched .
All files obtained from local computer from the warehouse is attached to this report.

“Sir i feel i need to inform you that some top brass are showing up shortly” said cal
Gray looked down at his scanner embedded in his arm .
“ OK CAL thanks for the heads up” said Gray

Gray moving a few things to make more room for his guest, after moment or two. gray then got back to his report.

“OK CAL let us finish this before i have another interruption.”
cal ‘s light dimmed as Gray finished up his report

As the dust settled from the now parked truck and a tall military man dressed in a spotless uniform walks over to a run down house’s door.

Gray having finished and sent in his report and open the front door
“ good to see you Staff Sergeant .” said the tall man

Gray pop a salute “ Major.”

“ i see that you found the conspirators base of operation , cunning plan to kidnap their own tribal members to throw you off the trail.. But luckily i put two and two together and saved your bacon .” said the major

Gray gave a odd look to the major “ i guess so … never had a clue that the Parker’s were so crafty.”
“ clearly.” responded the major
The major eyes the room and turned back to gray “ i hope your head's on straight i have our next mission ready to go. As soon as you're done here .”

Gray walked over to meet with the major with a odd look on his face “ when I've done all my paperwork and notify the tribal elder of the loss , i’ll be ready to report in for “MY” new assignment. CAL do have the travel details and times ready for me?”

“ wait… why notify the anyone this is a done deal and what do you mean “your new assignment” i never sent you any new assignment or it travel details . i just got the orders myself a little while ago “ stated the major

Gray looked at the major” the customs of the tribe requires that the morning of the lost members must be done as soon as possible and in order to let soul pass from this world to the next and as for “my” assignment upper command is sending me to a far off colony i couldn’t pass it up .. it does mean i have give CAL back but we all have to give up something… problem with that ?”

The major turned away from gray “ no problem Staff Sergeant i wish you …. Luck..”
And as the major got in his truck the elder of the tribe made his way to the house

“ Elder Catori i was about to come see you… i have sad news to tell you ” said Gray

Catori smiled “ it’s ok Two feather we know ..i wanted to make sure you're ok …”

Gray walked back into the house followed by Catori. Gray sat back down on the dusty chair in the middle of the room . “i don’t know Elder i wish i was here i might have been able to have stop this killing .. but …”

The elder pulled up a chair “ The Parker’s have been apart of this tribe for very long time they will be missed … they made the hardest decision when the tribe really needed it.”

“I know they gave me up to save the tribe as they were move to the old lands, the admin at the time took me as his son , believe me i’m grateful to him for raising me and you for not spreading my secret.”said Gray

The elder laughed “ i was never very good at keep secret... your brother gave this to me to give to you when you got back ..” Catori hold up a halo-chip and continue talking “ i think he figured it out . and i never saw it as giving you up you have been and always will be tribe you just had another path that you had to take”

The two talked for hours as Catori left he hand the halo-chip over “ the tribe is moving again two feather most of us are going to the winter camp and one or two are going off world to look for new land for the tribe to call home , wherever you go my son your tribe will be there and may the great spirit guide you.” Spyder smiled as the elder walked away.

CAL light popped up “ sir mind if look at the chip.”
Gray loaded the chip into his arm port “ sure thing CAL “

Gray started loading his stuff into his truck after a minute or two CAL chimed back in “ SIR there's a message for you on this and there's is a memory program as well …. Would you like to play the message ?”

“ yes CAL ..” said Gray