Blinding lights at night are a problem. They can reduce NPC safety, blind people during combat and cause a myriad of other issues.

For this reason, the following limitation will be placed on any light handheld or aimable light used between sundown and 9pm. This includes carried or mounted lights, such as flashlights, gun lights, headlamps, etc. It does not include camping lanterns or the fixed lights owned by the site (which should not be adjusted by the players).

  • Lights must be 500 lumens or lower. No ultrabrights.
  • Must be colored red, either built that way or by adding red film to the lens. Green is acceptable if it is on a light built to be night vision friendly light with an appropriately dark green filter.
  • Using lights of any color to blind someone as a defense during combat is not allowed. Doing so will be considered putting another player in danger, and will be handled as a disciplinary issue.
  • Any light that the staff considers blinding will be taken off the field even if it abides by all these rules.

In the case of an emergency or while moving out of character through dark areas not anywhere near or in an action area, a white light can be used. However, that light must be kept aimed at the ground in front of you. Casting them across the play area is not acceptable.

In general, you can figure out when and how a light runs the chance of blinding someone. Don't do that.