Home Turf part 1

Gray started loading his stuff into his truck after a minute or two, CAL chimed back in “ SIR there's a message for you on this and there's is a memory program as well …. Would you like to play the message ?”
“ yes CAL ..” said Gray

Gray ducked back into the house just as loud beeping sound and a voice said.
“ Gray… if this is you please go to my room.” said the voice
Gray looked around the main hall way for a person or stereo and the voice shot out again.
“I get that you're confused but we don't have the time please go to my room,it’s the third door down from the front door, Please hurry .” spoke the voice

Gray looked at his arm “ CAL is that the recording or did something take over your programming?”
CAL responded “ i don’t see any intrusive programs but there does seem to be something running that i can’t identify. I guess we should follow what he wants.”
Gray nodded and walked to the third room and entered.

The room was filled computer parts old clothes and was just a mess Looking like someone had move stuff looking for something.
As gray was thinking why he was following a strange voice a hologram digitized into center of the room a young man wearing green pants and very odd looking vest fill the center of the room.
“hello Gray .. you might know me but all the same I'm Shilo Parker, and if this program is active mean I've passed on without passing on information.” spoke shilo
Gray walked around the hologram wondering how it was turning and smiling at him “CAL can you analyze this program?”
The hologram spoke “no need brother this program is running a predictive algorithm bordering on A.I. programming believe me it took along time to make but I'm very proud of it… but onto why we're here , someone in UEA be snooping into dad old research looking for something call zephyr … I guess you could say I did goofed up and pulled all the files and hid them some of them inside this program and the rest I gave to trusted family member… if I'm gone she in big trouble, please brother find her and save her..”

The hologram changed and a young girl no more than 15 or 16 long brown hair and wear similar vest took the place of shilo this picture was different it being a flat image with the name Sara Dugan
the voice of Shilo came back “I need to have your command access code to active her tracker please confirm.”
Gray looked at Cal’s sprite “any problems with this cal?”
“ a few minor but nothing that would be fixable with little computation time. Let me scan it again sir” CAL sprite dimmed as he re check the holo program
“the program is secured for now I will say your brother was one smart kid… see no reason you couldn't use your administrator code, it is for good of the settlement .”
Gray sighed “ ok Shilo you ready ?”
Shilo hologram nodded
“Administrator Gray Spyder access code , Victor, lima,Bravo, 4,1,1, George, Ida, Nora, Nora, Ida, Nora ,George, Susan”
Shilo hologram flickered and a new folder appear along with active GPS location of Sara on Gray's scanner display.

Shilo voice rung out again “ I'm sorry brother I wish I could have known you better, the tribe is all I had but if I had one wish it would be to share my memories with you the good and bad and the long line of awesome tribe traditions. with that said this program was created by having my brain scanned to better give you answers I think it saved most of my memories please pass them on if you can…good bye brother I will miss you… until we meet again… farewell..Two feather.”
The hologram light left the room making to dark the soft tears of Gray glistened in Cal’s sprite light

After min or so Cal spoke “Sir might I say something?”
“yes CAL what is it?” gray said softly
The hologram of shilo reappeared but Cal’s voice spoke “ you know sir I’ve been studied this hologram and the coding for this hologram is very odd somehow he planted these zephyr file into the holo image it self, very clever indeed only a computer genius or an AI would catch it … let me re set holo files to the right format and start uncompressing it shouldn't take long.”
Gray look at the hologram of his brother , and gesture his metal hand to his face as to try and touch it..
“Sir he must have know this was going happen or he wouldn't have made this… I know it's not going help much but he choose this way and if you hurry we can help this Sara dugan before the same thing happens to her.”said Cal
Gray turned to leave the room
“Cal can you work on the files if we leave here? And can you pull up up the profile and all current data we have Sara dugan” ask Gray
“I sure can...on both accounts.” replied Cal
“Then let's go we have very little time before we have to leave.”