Hey, everyone! By this time, you know that I am planning on stepping away from my work on Planetfall. Ending my involvement in running a game is never something I do lightly, and this has taken a lot of consideration. As with the last time I stepped away, the decision hinges largely on time-consuming opportunities that I simply can not pass up. Running any game takes a huge amount of time, and I’ve found myself stretched entirely too thin.

I’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes at Planetfall, whether it’s writing documents, creating and printing codes, managing event preparation Trello boards, running meetings, or organizing people for event days. At events, I’ve mostly skulked around watching what you guys have been up to, taken down copious notes, and chatted with people about their incredibly valuable boots-on-ground experiences. I’m proud of my work with all of you and you’ve been very supportive of our efforts.

Hard science fiction was well outside my comfort zone for running games when we got started. I love it now, and that’s partially thanks to you and the world you’ve created with us. I have had the opportunity to head up and implement a major skill and economy reboot, and test it with all of you. I was able to dream up and write a lot of new story under new interesting constraints with new exciting technology and, if I’m being honest, pioneer a lot of new techniques for delivering a solid experience to players utilizing that technology. Basically, I’ve gained a lot and in return I hope I’ve delivered some truly awesome experiences for all of you. All I have to go on most of the times are the screams, the smiles, and the mud to really know.

I’d like to thank you all for trusting me with your valuable game time through the years. This is certainly not the last you’ll see of me. I will be continuing to work with Incognita Limited on the software you’ve come to know in Planetfall. And, as I’ve said, there are so many amazing projects on the horizon. I’m looking forward to sharing those with you, and I hope to see all your wonderful faces there on those horizons with me.

Game on,