"I am sorry, colonist, but you are mistaken. Everything is proceeding precisely to plan."

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The first wave of colonists have arrived at Site Alpha on Medina. And something has gone wrong. Supply drops may or may not be occurring soon, and who knows when more colonists will arrive to tax already scarce resources.

This game will occur one week after the initial game. The weather has gotten colder, and the colony has managed to survive through scavenging and strict rationing. Water is low. Strange sounds fill the night. Basic shelters have been constructed.

Entry fee will be $30 to cover site costs. Parking will be included. Portable toilets, electricity and running drinkable water will be available on site.

There are no sleeping quarters on site. Please bring a tent if you plan to stay overnight, along with appropriate sleeping bags for the weather and wind. This is the plains of Texas, so tent stakes are highly recommended.

Breakfast will be provided before the event on Saturday for a small donation. Fire pits and limited electric will be available for cooking. Please provide your own food, or arrange it with other players. Genre appropriate food is highly encouraged, e.g. MREs, ration bars and the like.

Most staff-driven content will be on Saturday, with Night Cycle and Sunday dedicated to immersion and player-driven plot.

Saturday 0900 - 0930 Check-in
Saturday 0930 - 1000 Announcements and Opening Ceremonies
Saturday 1000 - 2200 Game (Staff On Site)
Saturday 2200 - Sunday 0900 Night Cycle (No Staff, RP only)
Sunday 0900 - 1300 Game
Sunday 1300 - 1400 Closing Ceremonies and Cleanup

More information is available at: http://www.prepareforplanetfall.com/

Invite codes for new players will be provided when tickets are purchased.