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I was wondering about guidelines for earth farms. Specifically who sets and regulates thems. I know that BTC preforms routine inspections of the majority of the farms, i was just curious if the also set the regulations.

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I have a few books on various subjects that I think would make some very good props/real learning experiences. Books on organic chemistry, biology, astronomy, the usmc sniper/scout manual.
What I propose is using these as sort of training manuals and guides. Stick an qr code in them, 30mins to a hour of time and then rewarded with AP.

This would help advance certain skills that may not have a very well represented in game advancement, like a book or guide on excel could boost Administration or Logistics, a book on circutry could boost computers.

And books covering more than one subjuct could give smaller rewards to both subjects coveres. Like the scout/sniper guide would be firearms and scouting.

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One: We will be taking every possible precaution available to ensure the safety of the colony and the colonists. That is, and will remain the TOP priority. If a sutible test area cannot be found, or the risk factor is too great, then I will personally Scrap this and the flamethrower idea. End of Discussion.

Two: The fire testing will NOT take place ANYWHERE near the town OR within the clicker bog.

Three: The firebombs I'm talking about would be more open flame and less explosive. If any explosion at all. Think mini-Molotov, if nothing else we can experiment with torches.

Four: @DocQuark That is entirely your decision as it is your baby.

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That I think is gonna be the big point, is finding suitable testing ground. This has to be executed with extreme care. The 'firebombs' themselves will be of a reasonable size , butsomething that could easily be put out. I don't wanna risk too many people on this as the optimal time frame would be during what is called clicker o clock. So as smallest team is possible would be taken preferably also the fastest runners or those that can fight or whoever is crazy enough to volunteer, but we cannot leave the town defenseless.

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@Ivan As I've said, I don't want to do this near town. I'm thinking of doing this about where the drop pod landed last week. Way, way out from anywhere near town. It has to be out that far as we need the initial experiment, the attraction/repulsion effects of light, to be well away from the clickers comfort zone.

@DocQuark Good resource hunting. From what I can make out, terrestrial insects have different parts of there eyes that react differently to certain types of lighting. I think at the very least we will continue with the light experiment.

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I would have thought that the clicker eye was more insect like and was a compound eye. @Jael-Strauss could you clarify this, as the only clicker autopsy I've seen I may have missed the part about the eyes. If they are a compound eye, then @DocQuark we may find success with colored lights.

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I did say away from town and away from the marsh is better because if we really want to test the lure factor if the lights it would need to be some distance outside of their "comfort zone"

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(ic) This last game, the idea of crafting a flamethrower was brought to the attention of the wonderful engineers, and it was determined that a few things would needed to be proven in order to make this a priority build.

  1. Are clickers flammable?
  2. How do they react to flames?
  3. Will the flames do enough damage to be a viable defense without setting the colony on fire?

A fourth question was also posed: Are clickers in fact attracted to bright lights?

I have, with a suggestion from Misha (for some reason or another it wont let me link you), formulated a relatively safe way to test all of the above. I purpose that we set up on the side away from town a series of flashlight affixed to poles to try and lure the clickers in. If this works, we then remotely set off a small series of firebombs ( fuel and a small explosive) to create a controlled blaze in the area to test the rest of the purposed questions. The only dangerous part is setting off the bombs. Which at most would have to be triggered within 20 feet, So a small team would have to be near, not only to detonate, but to observe the results.

{OOC} For the "firebombs" I would think a couple of those battery-powered fake flames set up on a remote trigger would work perfectly for this. or a battery-powered with remote and flame-colored streamers. I hope this is the right place to post this, and that it's understandable!

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(IC) Once we return from the expedition mentioned else where, I have no problems examining Tatonka manuer. One part of Biological Threat Control is investigating UEA agricultural enterprises in various sectors, and this does include a examination of the various fertilizers used in these assets.

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Its Aden, but I prefer to go by my last name, Walker, if that's ok Dr. Strauss. I actually got this a lot this weekend for some reason.. Everything from Adrian to Abel must be my slight speech issues.

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