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I've noticed that when I'm injured by clickers I roleplay the severity of the wound based mostly on the roleplay that caused it. Overrun by multiple clickers, and I'll act like I'm barely living, take a single arm hit, and I treat it less severely.

The problem is that the app doesn't know how strong the combat was; and I end up either underroleplaying excessively severe injuries, while I look like a malingering coward playing up minor injuries.

My suggestion this is some form of RP guide on the Medical Emergency screen. This could be as simple as a 1-10 ranking to something as extensive as "labored breathing, gaping wound, difficulty talking".

This of course wouldn't stop someone from stoically downplaying injury (or overplaying it). But it gives us an idea of how to accurately play the specifics.

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I wanted to touch on the garb bit a little bit more.

The key here is to dress in such a way as it fits with the character in a general sense. Military folks wearing some form of camo. It's basically a "make en effort, but don't worry about perfection", style of game. As an example my costume is a black T-Shirt, Black fatigue pants, and hiking boots, with a paintball chest protector as armor. It makes me "stand out" as an enforcer at a glance; but is still functional.

Another thing to keep in mind is that both in the game and in the real world, we're in a 'rustic' environment. Expensive, dry clean only costuming is likely not your best bet.

All in all, do your best, and nobody is going to worry about it.

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I don't believe that there is any specific mechanic for a "one shot kill".

For consideration, headshots typically don't count against PC, as strikes to the head are outside of the rules. Because clickers wear safety masks, it's not such an issue with them. Then again, the clicker carapice is such that a headshot is NOT guaranteed to take one down, even if you somehow managed to sneak up behind one.

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As someone still fairly new (2 games), I think it's far more important to be a personality that can interact with various groups. As an enforcer, my official duties tend to have an ebb and flow, as in "sitting around guarding with nothing happening" then "Holy hell, ALL OF THE CLICKERS ARE ATTACKING", then "patrolling the peaceful town". It's my ability to interact with various people during those calm periods that dictate how satisfied I am with my weekend. Go out and talk to people while gathering supplies. Learn about things that have zero professional value to you. While your skills aren't unimportant to the incharecter community, the fun is found in the gaps.

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The utilization of security (Military, Ranger, and Enforcer units) will need to be carefully considered by the Administrators. As we saw in the last week, with the military forces committed largely outside of New Unity, (and also some Ranger and Enforcers are on patrol), we need to ensure sufficient forces in town to handle facility security as well as any personnel or equipment drops which occur.

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This is something that isn't urgent, but a suggestion for a future app update:

So we get hit by a clicker, hit the app, and know we're going to die in X minutes if we're not helped. We endeavor to roleplay a significant enough injury that bleedout in X minutes is appropriate, only to find when getting medical treatment that in fact it's a very minor wound; and we are clearly hypochondriacs.

Would it be possible to "grade" the injury for the player to help our roleplaying it accurately? Understanding that even a minor wound can bleed out in the time allotted, and slows you down to the wedding walk, but knowing whether we should be gritting our teeth or wailing in pain would be helpful.

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Thank's for the advice. I'm hoping to make the kits from stuff I have lying around and keep the expenditure down as much as possible.

I have a first aid kit (real world) that sounds like it would work. Gauze, pads, etc. (As an aside, as a diabetic I'll have real syringes, so I'm not sure I want to risk mixing up my real ones with needle-less ones.)

I should be OK to put stuff together. Thanks for the help.

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So I have to put together 5 different kits:

Med, Trauma, Demolition, Electrical, and Forensics.

For Med and Trauma I'm thinking a sensor of some sort (old smart phone maybe), and some shaped plastic tools; gauze rolls, etc.

Demolition maybe a toggle switch, some wire nuts as blasting caps, and wires.

Electronics: Screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

Forensics: A scanner, brushes, powder, etc.

None of this seem sci-fi enough to me though.


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