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A broken and chipped mono-visor is found by a scout while mapping fringe territory. Further inquiry reveals this once belonged to a colonist guard named "Marley Stratos", but boot marks have damaged the screen's display and the area it was found in shows signs of a struggle that took place a long time ago. The visor shows a cracked and unusable HUD with an audio log looping a final message recording that consists of several minutes of a man deliriously repeating these two lines...

I'm very lost
but I'm not alone.

I've forgotten who we are,
wonder when I'm coming home

The only remaining tracks from the site of the find lead into a bog and are lost in the murk

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If I can get someone to help repair my stun button I'm more than willing to give it a try.

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@Nikolai-Locke said:

I can't help OOC, but if you have a blue boffer with a hollow handle, use an electric toothbrush for the buzz effect. @Octavia-Ward used it to great effect last time.

trying to build off that to little effect, I'm not very good at this crafting buis

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[IC] I think I can arrange something for both of you

{OOC} I actually do need some help making a physrep for that stun baton, and maybe more armor before the event... but my character has the item, so...

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Help Wanted.
One skilled laborer to help me put together my stun baton. It seems to have been slightly damaged during drop and some of the more high voltage bits came loose, so I don't want to fiddle with it unless I know what I'm doing or have someone nearby who does, la? I also put together some better shoulder armor pieces from one of the clicker carcasses we've been collecting. We could work together to start making higher grade armor if you're interested.

Also, I thought I should use this update to announce my retirement from the UEA. The papers finally got filled out and processed through, meaning I am now officially a citizen of New Unity. On a related note: I'm looking for work with the Triads, the Enforcers, or as a gun-for-hire. Contact me if interested.

Glory to United Earth
Private First Class M. Stratos

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@Cpt-A.-Grey said:

So mind wiping (no previous memory, maybe with roleplayed flashbacks built in), programed eversion (you steal something and know you steal it you fall into a wounded state), forced labor between events (your between game actions are dictated by the people enforcing the punishment but during the event there is some sort of action you have to help with), no lying program (incapable of lying to a specific perso without falling into wounded state) , remote deactivate (with a word from a specific person the effected person falls unconscious, experiences pain, or falls into a bleeding out state). The closed door caning could be fun, but doesn't really have the impact in game that it would be done for. It would be done publicly to discourage others I would imagine.

I can see all of these leading to a lot of fun for criminally inclined characters; but especially the bolded ones.

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Games are fun and all, but public humiliation by whipping/executions could be a bit extreme for some players. Also, i think different factions might have different ways of dealing with insurrection. The UF might have a different punishment for one of their own than an Enforcer that catches a crook. I would say leave it up to the players as to how they feel most comfortable and make decisions from that.

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Marley "The Owl" Stratos coming in for this drop!

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On the subject of Drop Boxes, would a suitcase do? Blue with zippers and such?

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Would anyone recommend "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"? Reading it now and it's got robots and religions undertones so far, but are they Planetfall acurate

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