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@Penelope-Drake said:

of an army surplus store or try an airsof

I found most of my gear at the army-navy store by my house. But I ordered Julie's stuff from Amazon.

Here is a link:

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@Zemira-Lewis @Nikolai-Locke Feel free to jump on the Wiki page and start adding the information for your faction. That way new players have something to look through.

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Has anyone had a chance to work on this?

Do you need help with the wiki?

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Anyone else interested in writing up their faction?

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Of course as I am trying to write this. I realize this is why I am not in public relations. heh

I realize I am not good at 'selling' the military faction. LOL

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I made this to get it started

But someone needs to add it to the main page. And then we need people to fill in the various faction information. I will play with a 'template' style. So maybe we can have the same main flow.

Maybe something like this

What is this faction?
<Text on what the faction is all about>

Why would I want to play this faction?
<Information on what kind of players tend to enjoy this type of faction. Or any general why it would be fun to play this faction in particular>

What should I know to play this faction?
<Maybe a 'whos who' in the faction, or general 'All martians come from Mars'. Basically anything that anyone that is part of this faction would know. On the whos who part, it might be more realistic that they would know major leaders of this faction outside of the town. Since technically till they drop they don't know who is who.>

Other useful information:
<Other links and information that might be useful. Such as general costuming, suggested costume, basically stuff to help play>

This was done kinda quick, so any other ideas would rock.

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Who manages access on the wiki?

I have write access to make new pages but can't add any of them to the main page. If I can get main access I will happily start the page and then someone from each faction can add there information.

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