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Hello one and all!

I am but a humble traveler, looking to explore the stars!

My wife and I came across this on Facebook, and I am an avid LARPer myself. I am currently in Amtgard, and would love to try out Planetfall. We currently live in Odessa, but don't mind driving out to join in the festivities! I have been looking for a more RP based LARP, and have a few general ideas for the kind of character I'd like to play.

I'm hoping to be out soon, and plan to come in good kit and look forward to the RP and the atmosphere. I have plenty of NERF blasters, can make legal boffers, and will be all for getting down into everything that I can.

I do have a couple of questions about rules and such, and if anyone could answer, or direct me to the answers I'd appreciate it!

  1. What are the rulings on Modded NERF blasters? I assume paint and aesthetics are fine, but I wouldn't want to bring anything that would be against the rules.

  2. What are the classes (or their equivalents?) and Garb rules?

  3. Is Vaping allowed on site?

and finally,

  1. What is the price of the tickets, what is covered by the ticket, and what is not allowed on site?

I look forward to hearing back from y'all, and hope to see you soon!


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