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So, I understand that in a LARP, parity is the goal in all things. So queuing actions is generally inadvisable, because you want to ensure that the person is actively roleplaying the actions they're prepping. You don't want them setting up five mining actions and then doing something else while they complete, especially doing that and then going to bed for six hours.
That said, in the case of the rest function, it often becomes somewhat of a hassle to do several in a row. For example, the more you NEED a rest, the less time it takes. So if I need to take several rests in a row, what I might actually like to do is close my eyes for a solid half hour, maybe even take an actual nap. But I can't do that effectively if I have to get up every eleven minutes to rescan the QR code. I would request that the Rest function allow you to plan several in a row to alleviate this and allow for more effective resting, both in-character and out.

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I am eyeing the Robotics skill, mainly since "Engineering" and "Science" AP are so few and far between and the other upgrades I desire require those AP types (Ballistics 2 and Physics 2). Before I purchase it I want to make certain it will have a definite place in the game and be usable at our current tech level.
Are there currently any plans to make Robotics usable by September, and if not can I lobby for that to happen?
What were your original ideas for that skill, and how do you see it being used in-game?
Do I need to bring my own actual physreps, like quadrones and the like?

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When you asked me, I didn't think of it, but seeing this here now I remembered. There's actually another place this can go. There is a proper Colonist Roster on the wiki, which people have used to post their backstories.

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Most of what Schmidt said is correct, though I will mention that SOME modifications are alright. Rewiring to decrease flywheel spin-up time (WITHOUT actually changing flywheel speed), replacement batteries such as LiPo, and part removal (such as that nasty dart sensor on the Stryfe) are alright. Mods that increase the range or rate of fire are not, such as replacing the motor or springs.

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@Sching Indeed, though fortuitously, those belts can be unscrewed and combined. As Class A has no limit to ammo capacity, you can combine as many belts as you have. That's what I intend to do this upcoming game. I have two Vulcans which I will bring, and Class As are currently VERY limited right now, since we aren't allowed to drop with them. They have to created with supply drops from Father. We currently have either one or two in-game, I'm not certain, though we will likely find the components to make perhaps one more this drop. If you'd like to bring yours, you're welcome to do so, but if you would rather save the space, don't worry, I've got you covered. Feel free to bring as many belts as you'd like, though! The more belts we have on-hand and loaded, the better prepared we are for the inevitable onslaught.

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A message from your friendly neighborhood gunsmith:

I've noticed over the last few drops that there are a large number of you experiencing jams, or similar weapon malfunctions. This has, in several cases, led to clickers breaking through an otherwise effectively positioned firing line. Good fighters have gone down due to this, and though we've been incredibly lucky to not lose anyone so far, that luck can't last forever. Therefore, I have some tips and tricks that will help prevent weapon malfunctions in the future.

  1. Test all magazines with the weapon you intend to use. Fill it full, and fire off a few shots. Some magazines/clips are not compatible with certain weapons, and others have minute physical imperfections or battle damage which lead the ammunition to not feed properly. Our Virtual Reality Combat Simulator is perfect for this, as it scans your weapon and magazines and accurately maps out imperfections and dirt/debris. Thus, it will simulate jams just like a real combat situation. (OOC: Seriously, magazines are not all built the same. Some just don't fit into the gun properly, or the plastic lip is curled slightly, etc. Between games, load up your magazines and fire each one until empty. If it jams, test it again to try to figure out the problem. If you can't figure out the problem, don't use that magazine with that gun. Inside most nerf guns are specific buttons which need to be depressed before the gun will rev up and/or fire. Ensure that your clip is hitting those buttons. This is a big problem people are having with the Zeus magazines, especially when the gun or magazine are painted.)

  2. Properly clean your weapon after firing. During combat actions, you are running around, kicking up dust and debris, and sometimes your weapon may even fall on the ground. Particulate matter can enter through the air ports, and cause jams due to friction. (OOC: Yes, even Nerf Guns need to be wiped down. Dirt will get into the flywheels and the magazines, and can cause damage and misfires. Maybe take a dry toothbrush and scrub the flywheels and feeding mechanism a little bit. This is also good roleplaying, as soldiers are trained to properly care for their weapons. After a clicker rush, maybe spend five minutes cleaning off your gun.)

  3. Inspect all rounds prior to loading. Due to our use of caseless propellant rounds, the propellant sheath can become indented or torn from external pressure, or even from sitting in a magazine for too long. These imperfections in the propellant can cause it to not ignite properly, and will result in a misfire. In addition, rounds can pick up dirt and debris from the enviornment, which can have similar effects. Never use rounds you find on the ground without inspecting them first. It is very likely that these rounds have already been fired once in a misfire, which makes it MUCH more likely that they will misfire again. (OOC: I've said this before, but I highly recommend against firing Nerf Darts more than once in this area. Because of the dirt, and the problems we're having, most darts you find on the ground are bent, torn, indented, or dirty. Some of them might be ok, but when Clickers are bearing down on you you don't have time to look at it. And then AFTER combat, you forget to look at the bullet to see if it's ok, and then when you use it later, boom JAM. Also, be sure to unload your magazines after each weekend, preferably even at night after combat is over for the day. If they sit in those plastic magazines for too long they get squished.)

  4. (This one is entirely OOC. Please ensure that you are using charged batteries, and THE RIGHT KIND OF BATTERIES. If they are weak, you won't get good revs on your flywheel, and your bullets either won't fire, or won't go very far. If you're using THE WRONG batteries, it won't even turn on. Yes, someone has put the wrong batteries in their gun onsite. I had to fix it for them. Also, don't leave your batteries in your gun between sessions. This will lead to drained batteries and corrosive leaks.)

Of course, as one of the very few folks on site trained in weapon maintenance and repair, I will be happy to take a look at your gun and enact upon it any repairs needed. That said, I would much prefer that my services were not needed due to preventative action, rather than your gun coughing out on you at the worst possible moment. Thank you for your time, and Happy Hunting.

  • Dr. Quark

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Ok I should clarify here, testing the clickers reaction to lighting, and your "firebombs" are two TOTALLY different situations. As much as I like fire and/or explosions, the methane pocket and the extreme flammability of our wooden hut fort makes me rather averse to your flame experiments. In addition, we wouldn't want to spoil the results of either experiment by testing more than one variable. We can't expect the clickers to react in precisely the same manner to photons and flames. This needs to be two separate experiments.

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I don't really see how this could be a problem. Each action you can take in-game tells you what kind of AP it gives before you take it, and it's all pretty self-explanatory as well (e.g. forging iron gives metallurgy AP). I think the system is coming along great and people should stop complaining. Keep up the great work Matt.

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@Jael-Strauss @Zemira-Lewis @Drea-Anderson @AdenWalker
(IC) I asked Father if he could find anything regarding insectoids and compound eyes and their photoreceptors, and he gave me this. I hope it will be enlightening and analogous.
I still think we should run the lighting experiment though.

(OOC) I asked an IRL BioChem friend what he knew, and he found this research paper for me. Sure clickers are a XenoInsectoid, but... shrug

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@AdenWalker I'm pretty sure they are compound eyes. Again, I'm no biologist, but I think compound eyes still use rods and cones in the same way simple eyes do? I have no idea whether they feature apertures though. I could be TOTALLY wrong about all of this.

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