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This is a great opportunity to make an alternate universe version of your character. Pick different background options, different attitudes, maybe even a new hairstyle, a sexier costume, or a goatee! (Referencing that one episode of Star Trek).

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Please also make sure you bring a canteen/camelbak/water bottle of some sort. We will have water coolers on-site but we have limited amounts of cups, which are intended for hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

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The surgical incision is healing nicely from last week's experiment. No signs of infection or infestation, and edema is rapidly draining. However, the electronic interface appears to be problematic and it will take time to adapt to the internal operation of the new modification. More work with my team. Additionally, there appears to be some slight nerve palsy, which was not unexpected given the primitive equipment we have. Nevertheless, the procedure shall be considered a qualified success. Now to wait for the next drop to run some field tests.

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I can't help but admire the tenacity of these creatures. I'd be very interested in studying them. I'm also building another washing sink. We can't afford to have vital staff down.

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Modern geneticists have disproven the notion of genus and species. Many animals thought to be related on the basis of appearance were found to have very little in common genetically.

Also, with a biology field lab there is a real limit to what we can test. Ok, we can do basic genetic sequencing of simple (monocellular) organisms, MAYBE worms, we can determine if flora and fauna are edible, and we can do some very basic microbiology... But we don't have real lab facilities.

So... No genetic mapping.

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At least 2 of the Transhumanists in-game have chosen the "crucible training" background. It drastically alters the way one interacts with the world.

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I am excited by this input! My mom used to make Plumpy-nut when I was a kid. It's a good way to get kids to eat protein. We called them peanut butter balls. It should be cool enough to bring some next game. I am encouraged by the fact that curries are still a thing. I make a pretty awesome yam curry.

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I like it and second Eliza's comment.

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