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Related: do the wasps in the melons maybe produce honey, royal jelly, propolis, etc.? All of these have a variety of nutritional and medicinal uses.

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  • An oven for improved cooking, perhaps?
  • A hand plow (or a Tatanka-pulled plow, once we're at that level) for tilling the soil
  • A trowel for gathering
  • Compost tea and/or fertilizer - not really a tool, but useful for growing crops

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I am going to be focusing on creating a topographic map of the surrounding area with the hopes of:

  1. Getting a better general grasp on this particular part of Medina that we call home,
  2. Identifying possible spaces for Tatanka enclosures (after the recommendations of @shilo-2feather and @Aza-Sinra), and
  3. Further studying the river area and assessing the viability of rerouting it as a source of water and power for our colony.

As always, I will be looking for more information on the ecology of Medina and our impact on the planet so far.

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You forgot beetles and other edible insects! I want to make the Medina equivalent of cricket flour.

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@Aza-Sinra @Zemira-Lewis

Did we ever get an answer on this? I'd really like to be able to speak with more knowledge about Medina's "seasons."

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Just catching up on this. I am personally very concerned about the continued use of coal diesel. I understand that it is necessary at this point for survival, but we should pursue alternatives as soon as humanly possible. While we are aware of how fossil fuels irreparably harmed the environment back on Earth (which, granted, took hundreds of years of usage), we do not yet know how this will effect Medina -- and how quickly. I can see that the thirst for power is alive in more ways than one, but we must be measured and pursue alternatives. If nothing else, coal is a very finite resource, so we need a long-term solution.

I've had the opportunity to study the wisps twice now and they are fascinating organisms. I would certainly like to see more information on their unique systems. This falls a little above my pay grade (ha!) as it were... Perhaps someone with more knowledge of bacteriology would be helpful? The production of hydrogen would be an amazing advancement for our colony. I will do some research with what little resources we have.

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@Jael-Strauss That is even more disgusting than I imagined. Clearly we need to get better at preventing these worms from getting into our bloodstreams in the first place, but I wonder what other actions we can take?

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@Jael-Strauss This can't be good. I never got much information on what was causing the issues last time, as I'm not really medical staff. Can someone give me a briefing? I can at least look at it from a biological perspective.

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Hello Planetfall folks!

I'm Sadie Hawkins and I want to be one of your hapless pawns Player Council members!

First, a little bit about myself. I play Dr. Drea Anderson in PF, your friendly neighborhood Utopian geologist/ecologist/biologist/meteorologist/whatever-ologist. I've been playing for several games and I'm very much looking forward to the start of the beta series. I'm somewhat new to larping, but I'm already addicted. I also play Dystopia Rising, a variety of freeform games, participate in the Austin larp meetup, and am a volunteer for the upcoming Living Games conference in Austin. I'm an Austin native and I love our weird little community. We should hang out sometime.

So let's cut to the chase. Here's what I specifically would like to focus on if you decide to throw your vote at me:

  • Keeping PF a safe environment for all players, free from bullying, harassment, or other dangers. I have absolutely no tolerance for bullies, harmful language, sexual harassment, or bigotry of any kind. Let's keep that out of our community.
  • Nurturing a game that is both fun and easily accessible to new players and larp novices, as well as challenging and intriguing for veteran players. I want to ensure that new players are not intimidated by the occasionally unorthodox style of our game, while making sure that long-term players are able to grow in-game and stay interested.
  • Making sure that the technology and gameplay of PF keeps up with the interests of the players, not just the beautiful hopes and dreams of the staff. I love the staff and we should be able to work together to make sure that everyone gets what they want out of PF.
  • Building and maintaining a strong community that supports each other both in and out of game. I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

This is getting pretty long-winded, so I'll keep the rest short. I'm passionate about this game and I'm a responsible, open, and friendly person. I don't have any other responsibilities in this game or another game, so I can focus on the Council and PF player needs. I'm excited to help PF grow into a bigger, better game while keeping the close-knit community of friends that we've created.

All of this being said, all of the other candidates for Council are amazing people who would do a great job. I would love your vote, but my feelings won't be hurt if I don't get it! :)

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@Jael-Strauss Sounds like a plan to me. Let's just hope it's not the early Clicker gets the unsuspecting colonist.

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