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Hey, everyone! By this time, you know that I am planning on stepping away from my work on Planetfall. Ending my involvement in running a game is never something I do lightly, and this has taken a lot of consideration. As with the last time I stepped away, the decision hinges largely on time-consuming opportunities that I simply can not pass up. Running any game takes a huge amount of time, and I’ve found myself stretched entirely too thin.

I’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes at Planetfall, whether it’s writing documents, creating and printing codes, managing event preparation Trello boards, running meetings, or organizing people for event days. At events, I’ve mostly skulked around watching what you guys have been up to, taken down copious notes, and chatted with people about their incredibly valuable boots-on-ground experiences. I’m proud of my work with all of you and you’ve been very supportive of our efforts.

Hard science fiction was well outside my comfort zone for running games when we got started. I love it now, and that’s partially thanks to you and the world you’ve created with us. I have had the opportunity to head up and implement a major skill and economy reboot, and test it with all of you. I was able to dream up and write a lot of new story under new interesting constraints with new exciting technology and, if I’m being honest, pioneer a lot of new techniques for delivering a solid experience to players utilizing that technology. Basically, I’ve gained a lot and in return I hope I’ve delivered some truly awesome experiences for all of you. All I have to go on most of the times are the screams, the smiles, and the mud to really know.

I’d like to thank you all for trusting me with your valuable game time through the years. This is certainly not the last you’ll see of me. I will be continuing to work with Incognita Limited on the software you’ve come to know in Planetfall. And, as I’ve said, there are so many amazing projects on the horizon. I’m looking forward to sharing those with you, and I hope to see all your wonderful faces there on those horizons with me.

Game on,

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I did a thing!

Hey guys! Thought I'd put together a little brain dump on something I've been working on among all the other life events recently.
As said in the video, feel free to discuss here, but also I'd appreciate individual feedback via PM :)

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Yeah, I'll be there.

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Hey everyone! Here are the post-event surveys for the second alpha game.
This is the primary survey about your event. Please get this submitted within the next few days if you attended the event.
And here we have the between-event actions survey. Please collaborate, plot, and plan before filling this one out, but we'll need it in the next week or so.
An entry should roughly follow this format:
25% Construction 2 - I'm working on building a workshop with collected lumber (I also have Engineering 2)
75% Construction 2 - I'm improving the lab (I also have Biology 1)

This is just an example assuming you have the appropriate resources. Try to describe what resources you're using, where you're getting those resources from, etc. And keep in mind this is very fuzzy. The eventual supply chain will require units of resources to flow through the system and will be hurt by supply bottlenecks, etc. So describe where you're getting said resources from. Look into how hard it is to actually build these things in real life and make judgements based on that. Need sterile environments? See if that's available before saying you'll be working in one.
We're not expecting it to go very smoothly this time because there are a ton of variables, the very reason we'll be automating it. We just want to get it started and see what shakes out.

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A given item should be separate in the sense that it can be removed from the whole, but it doesn't NEED to be in a separate container. You might want to though, and your fellow colonists might appreciate your organizational efforts when it comes time to stitch them up with that franken-kit. :)

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Man, sorry for the delay in the reply. Pommel padding is not required as there will be no strikes requiring the pommel, nor does the boffer itself represent an item that would classically have a pommel as in a sword.

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I thought most of the mods were air restrictor removal on those guns. Seemed like it anyway.

PF ONLY allows air restrictor removal mods though.
Also I'll be up there for new year's for The Ginger's party again, just sayin'...

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@Landon-Corvin My answer to that question is "We don't know".

That's largely because it depends on how in-depth players are establishing things. That affects the outcome, so we don't have the info to answer. So if I say "Oh, not much." and then everyone goes on to try to establish every detail of Clickers, to continue the example, and we have to redact the whole thing, I'll have to do differently than I said. And if I say "Probably all the time", that will make it less likely people will try to establish things at all, which we obviously don't want.

So to avoid that breakdown, it's really best if players try to focus on establishing things that can be inferred from the info and then taking responsibility for establishing it, to be prepared to say "I was mistaken." and for everyone to let it slide more readily to allow for that behavior and keep things glued together. You guys will need to make decisions on the info available to you. That info will sometimes purposefully be limited, especially in the case the group scanning an item doesn't have the relevant skills, for example. Or in the event that no one knows and we don't want anyone to know yet. Certain things are intended to take a lot of time.

But write-ups ahead of time are far better for attempting to establish something rather than doing it in-game on the fly. As we've seen it can lead to confusion, and shortly after to some level of frustration, which we want to minimize.

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So world-building is pretty much entirely Matt's domain but I'd like to put in my thoughts on the guidelines.

We do want people to establish things about characters, and some backstory things are cool. That being said, we reserve the right to retroactively remove something that just doesn't jive with the big picture or the look-and-feel of the background.

The BEST way to produce something for use in the world would be to post a thread here where it can be reviewed and picked at. Don't invest too heavily in it, as unfortunately some things don't fit into the game and we have to reject them whole cloth. Then again, it's really unlikely that will happen. There's usually good content to be found in any creative endeavor, and it's likely to help us out. So go nuts, and when someone puts something up, offer insight and discussion points. We like seeing what parts of the world interest you guys and where you feel you want more detail.

One final caveat: We're really busy right now with rules stuff and app/site development. The more time we can spend on that, the better off the game will be up to the next event and beyond. So we may have to take some time to get to these things. But with it being on the forum rather than a Facebook feed, it's far less likely to fall off the radar.

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The monitor alone makes this worth way more than the other drones I've been looking at...

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