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I'm a big fan of things that go boom, but I'd be very careful about firebombs around the west end of town, near the dining hall and commissary. We know the methane pocket I sealed is there. We know that one stretches away from the colony.

What we don't know is if there's another one somewhere on the east end. Just because the earthquake didn't crack it does not mean it's missing.

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@Penelope-Drake Administrators Gander and Sonja have signed off on the six projects I listed. We will need increased gathering on the whipgrass; the initial testing for the yams will not require additional planting. Based on the results, we may need to increase cultivation later.

The hutches are made of wood; the traps are probably a live-lift net-style trap made from rope, as a cage-style live trap would still allow the jackalopes to burrow out.

(OOC) All of the projects listed were trotted past Matt. He didn't vomit uncontrollably, so we passed the first test. I'm building the rope-making machine and rabbit-hutch props for March. I don't know if they will actually be implemented or not.

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[IC] Took me a little while to figure out how to make a slicker brush with the material on hand, but I got something put together. You have your brush now, Eliza 9/Dr Wynter. Let me know how it works out and we can refine if necessary.

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Also, I'll need analysis of the jackalope manure. If it's similar to rabbit droppings, it can be composted to remove the ammonium and will produce a high-quality nitrate fertilizer. And the ammonium has industrial use.

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Construction teams will be hard at work between games in New Unity. These are the build and development projects that have been green-lighted (please note that this does not mean they will be completed in a week):

  1. Simple windmill. This will drive the water pump and a mechanical agitator for the purification vat. We'll still need to add limestone from time to time and someone is going to have to check on it, but it should reduce the amount of human labor needed to ensure a consistent supply of water. This is mainly Jo's project.

  2. Jackalope husbandry. We'll be building the equivalent of large rabbit hutches, and we'll need support from a couple of the biology/zoology types to determine things like what these little buggers eat and what kind of habitat we need to mimic. These will be raised off the ground so the critters can't burrow out. This is Ivan's project with some assistance from other builders.

  3. In the same vein, we're going to be constructing live-traps so we can start farming these things. Fister is taking the lead on that, with Ivan in assistance to jury-rig his initial design. Once we test it, we can refine it and make it better and (hopefully) more resilient.

  4. Fishnets. This is more a thing for the survivalists in the group, but we think the whipgrass cant be twisted into cord and woven into lightweght cast-nets (similar to the Polynesian throw-nets). Anyone who wants to try some of this work and has the necessary skills please speak up.

  5. Rope. Following on to that, Ivan is going to try to build a small hand-cranked rope-making machine to do two things: first, it will speed up production of the light rope we currently use and second, it will hopefully allow the production of a heavier rope (2.5-5 cm).

  6. Light oil. Brodie 64 is the lead on this: we're trying to expeller-press oil from yams and possibly other sources to use in hydraulics. Chemistry and distillation experts are invited to weigh in on this.

As you can see, there's a LOT going on here. Please feel free to jump in wherever you are skilled and wish to assist.

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A few thoughts here:

  1. Are these 'in-game" tools, meaning that they might give bonuses or accelerated times (like the mining rig does for mining)? Are you seeing these as the "with tools" option (such as digging clay)? Or are you envisioning these more as props?

  2. Some of these aren't necessary now. For example, the scythe/sickle is pretty much a grain harvester. While we might be able to use it for the whipgrass, we've no other grains at the moment. The pitchfork similarly doesn't really have an in-game metric, and won't until we get to the point of having to winnow grain. Similarly, the pulaski and the hoe don't really have an in-game use at the moment. And the wheelbarrow (while in-character a great idea) doesn't have a use at the moment since our inventories are currently infinite. An adze is a good idea if we're trying to make boards, but I'm not sure how construction with wood will be implemented (maybe wood -> lumber?).

  3. I like the idea of reusable traps (probably live-traps), as it would definitely speed up the trapping time. Fishnets are in the works, fish-traps are doable too. The only issue is that the river is most of a day away from the colony, making it a between-game action.

Note: I'm not saying these are bad. I'm just wondering how they would work in the current incarnation of the game.

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An alternate method of hydrogen production involves lowering a platinum or rhenium disk into the water, and placing four copper electrodes in a square about four inches away from the disk on all sides. Lower power requirements due to the "electrovibration" effect (about 60% less power if I recall the patent application documentation correctly). We could also use steel slag left over from the forging process instead of copper, because recycling is good.

This has the side effect of plating the metal hydrides onto the platinum disk, as well. This is necessary to begin production of storage batteries (nickel-metal hydride style). We will need some amount of electricity to run this system as well as charging the batteries. That said, though, a wind turbine could probably provide enough power to extract the hydrogen. A water power plant would be better.

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My apologies. My information was based on some things said in the last game. I must have misunderstood.

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The power from the existing windmill is strong enough to create magnets. Klaus and I clarified that with the GM last game. We'd have to take the electric pump offline briefly to make these, but I'm sure I can put it back together again.

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OK, so I'm new to all the various locations and please don't shoot me if I posted this in the wrong place.

A bog-simple AC generator can be created by wrapping copper wire around a non-conductive tube (cardboard, thin wood, etc) and then spinning three or four magnets inside it. Given that we can create magnets (subject hot iron to a powerful electromagnetic field and Bob's your uncle), we should be able to attach magnets to the central spindle of the windmill, construct the armature of wire around it using wooden lath, and increase the power drop off the windmill without violating any known laws of thermodynamics. We'd be getting better throughput, but we're still well under 30% power transfer; wind just isn't that efficient a source..

For what it's worth, windmill-driven water pumps in New Mexico frequently use this design. The mechanical drive operates the pump, while the electricity powers lights or agitators in the trough to prevent the growth of algae or mosquitoes.

Also, I understand that this is the design used in some power turbines, where smaller generators link in series to produce electricity, rather than a single generator trying to do it all.

Spire network, is this a thing or have I wandered outside the boundaries of Medinan science?

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