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I'm always happy to go on excursions for science and medical support.

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Oops! Sorry Walker!

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Also requested is farm implements to boost yields and/or cut gathering time.

Oven to increase effencency of cooking.

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I'm interested in @Adam-3 's opinion

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For the record, I'm hoping we can milk the grazers rather than the Tatonkas.

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Last time I suggested Pemmican and we're continuing to suggest it.

Food Items made with items we already have
Pemmican - 1 meat, 1 animal fat, 1 berries
Yam "Caramel" - Cooked Yam (see comment below for what this is based off of)
Tree Sap - Tap "wood" nodes to collect sap in warmer "seasons", process into syrup
Yam Oil - Also has industrial applications, since we're making bio-fuel from yams we're technically already doing this
Vinegar - made with berries used for preserving or improving flavor
Yam Greens - Harvested from Yam plants

New food items:
Plant bulbs
Gelatin - rendered from cooking meat. Used to thicken stews and possibly make gummie treats with red berries for joint health and morale.

New items:
Tatonka manure - We want to check it for Nitrate content. We know it's good to give to the food/water alge, but how's the nitrate content? Does it contain the same impurities as the regular water/soil? Can we use it as fertilizer to boost yields? Yeah, I know "tatonka manure collection detail" is a sucky job but if it can boost algae/crop output, we should be doing it.

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(Totally going to be the name of the first band on Media.)

As I've mentioned elsewhere @ELIZA9 and Dr. Winter will be heading up an expedition to track down Charlie to advance our understanding of Grazers. This is very exciting and I can't wait to find out what they discover.

I will point out that the item tied around Charlie's front right upper leg is a tracking device made by @Nikolai-Locke, in the general hub-bub of all the advanced surgeries, dirt study, weird Clicker dissection, and melon harvesting it utterly slipped my mind to check if it was still transmitting. We don't know where he is at all times as he goes out of range apparently?

If it is, can we get a programmer-type to come up with a Scanner app that will ping the scientific community when he gets into range? (Similar to how Sgt. Durante was able to signal us when he needed assistance returning to the colony.)

The main reason I'm posting about this (aside from the fact that I forgot about the tracker when he was visiting us) is that I noticed some really interesting behavior in the pictures Eliza took documenting his visit. I don't recall ever seeing him kneel down like that before. Can we make a note to check the areas in the photos where Charlie seemed particularly interested and see if there's anything there that can give us a clue as to what he was interested in? We might be able to make the area around New Unity even more inviting to him, or be able to use whatever he was interested in ourselves.

I believe @Ivan will also be crafting a slicker brush for Eliza and Dr. Winter to take with them and see if Charlie will let them brush him, correct? I've left my hairbrush with Eliza in the case that doesn't happen in time for them to go. If that works out and they're able to collect fur/wool from them, I'll be able to start teaching people the very VERY basics of spinning thread/yarn.

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There are two expeditions heading out from New Unity this week.

Dr. Winter and @ELIZA9 - Are working on tracking and observing the Grazers (AKA - Charlie and his kind). I believe they have a protective detail going with them as well.

I don't know the details of that expedition as it's being headed by Dr. Winter and Eliza so please direct your questions on this to them.

Myself, @AdenWalker , Voke, and @Drea-Anderson - Are going on a survey mission to study the geography and geology between here and the river and the area at/around the river. This will be done with an eye towards discovering useful resource deposits and geographical features, also checking the river itself for any useful/edible flora and fauna. Adrien is our only Weapon-Capable team member I am aware of so far.

If it turns out Charlie has headed out in the direction of the river, perhaps the two expeditions can be combined. But as of now, only the Geological team knows which direction it's going to be heading.

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Could we take a small sample of, say, the water algae to create one that will perform the same or similar function as this bacteria in the digestive system of the wisp?

Or could we just "scale up" the digestive system of a whisp into a tank that we can feed methane to and get from aldehyde and hydrate out of?

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Attn:@Drea-Anderson and scientific community.

I don't think I have to point out how horrible things are smelling right now since we got the generator working and it started to use coal diesel to run it.

It's very efficient, it makes a lot of power, but it's not good for us or our immediate environment.

We could pull nothing out of the ground and run that but I think we can do better.

The width have as part of their system a bacteria that separates methane into hydrogen and from aldehyde. The hideaway or may not be useful input your defense. But I think the most important thing is the fact that it creates hydrogen. Which is not only clean burning, but would you use it as a fuel source it can create drinking water.

I don't know what it will take in physical resources, but I suggest that our campus, geneticists, and biologists allocate some time to coming up with a way that we could harness the power of this bacteria.

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