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It sounds like a reasonable team to discover anything we haven't found, both resources and danger in our immediate vicinity. And it could be well worth working towards a goal. You mentioned an ATV a day away, Shilo. What size, and has it already been ripped to shreds, or could it be repaired? If it has any chance of being repaired, it could put things which are farther away well within a our striking range, such as that 3 day trip to the hydroponics drop you also mentioned. Or any number of other things which none of us yet knows of. With even a modest vehicle, that could be only hours away.

I would say we're shortly going to be able to benefit the colony very much.

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Currently it appears that the list of those interested is:
Shilo Two Feather
Dr Strauss
Anthony Fauss

It seems we'd have a fair listing of skills amongst us to scour the nearby area to see if there is anything we have so far missed, and in some instances bring it back with us as well. with a couple of guards, I think we'd be in good shape.

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As far as a single scout versus a small team, the entire point of it being a small team is because no single person will have every skill necessary to identify all of the potential resources. It must be a concerted effort to cover the local area as completely as possible, or else we won't find everything we have in our immediate area. The more currently unknown resources we can locate, the more advances we can make in our ability to produce tech, and get this colony into a more functional state.

My hope was that there would be a few volunteers, which could then be examined for the most complimentary skillset possibly with the smallest group, then add whatever guards are considered necessary for that group.

Hopefully we can make this work, and we turn up something really useful. Or, possibly even better than finding something beneficial, would be to uncover a threat before it becomes problematic.

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That's actually the point. I want to get a reasonable group, which can collectively both investigate and defend. And I'm not really even discussing a day's trip, more like hours. We haven't done a thorough search of the area we are already using, so why go any farther than that? It's more about a detailed look at where we already are, than wandering out into the wilderness.

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I would like to organize a group to explore our nearby areas in more depth. The thought is not to go FAR, but to search the general vicinity we use often as closely as we can to identify resources we currently have not discovered. Foods, plants, animals, minerals, etc. In general to see what is in our territory that we have not yet located.

To that ends I am hoping to get a well rounded team, to include at least some of the Security types, as well as at least one who can hunt, and other people like myself with skills in locating things. Who knows, we might even find things Father has shot down that we never knew about before. Once the location these things are identified, we can perform more research at our leisure.

Hopefully this meets with general approval.

Anthony Fauss

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Emails sent to where?

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For many of us who have more Biometrically active tasks, this would be significantly tasking.

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I think it's already been brought up in one way or another, but the random gains and losses of biometrics is what I would like to mention. I understand the desire for random elements like that, but I think it's working our poorly as currently implemented.

What I mean is that you can use more biometrics gathering a supply, than that supply can replenish. I don't know if you see this as a problem, but it puts us in a position where the characters will HAVE to gather supplies, but the supplies will usually be insufficient, and we will still be heavily, maybe completely, dependent on drop pods to keep us going.

If this is seen as an issue, and not apart of the intended design, I would offer several possible fixes.

First, eliminate the randomness, and have things spend and replenish set amounts of biometrics.

Second, make the random element less random most of the time. Meaning, tighten the range the rolls will usually land in, making outliers much less common.

Third, eliminate the random element on things that replenish biometrics, but keep it unpredictable on the things that consume them.

In all instances, I am also assuming biometric gains and losses are not set in stone, and the numbers may change as well.

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I generally like it, but I do have some comments.

The Spirit of a Rule is actually not always very clear. In fact, I would go so far as to say that in many cases, if you're not the guy that wrote it (or some one that knows that person VERY well) you may easily misunderstand the intent. While this may not be true for simple rules, for anything even marginally complex it can be. I would like to discourage use of the Spirit of the Rule, and instead suggest that any rule that can be or has been misunderstood simply be clarified with an example. I find that examples of the rule in action are usually a better bet.

I would like to applaud the Harassment section, which I feel is something sorely lacking in many games. It seems to cover all circumstances I can think of.

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