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  1. Modifications that do not effect the speed of the projectile or the force of the projectile are allowed. Also, please initial your blaster and ammo clips in a good permanent marker. Since we all play with the same brands mostly it's very easy for them to get mixed up. A cool custom paint job does go a long way towards helping prevent any mix-ups and is highly encouraged!

  2. There are no classes, but in case no one else has told you yet there is an online character builder that will guide you through the character creation process. If you haven't already received a code to create your characters - ask on our facebook group "Planetfall Sci-Fi Larp". Most response times are >10minutes when there's an invite code involved.

As for garb, there are no strict garb requirements and the staff is definitely of the opinion that cargo pants and a solid black tee are as much genre as anything else. We completely understand that people have varying budgets and all that is asked is that you do what you can with what you have. Once you and your wife have your characters figured out it will be more easy to help you formulate some ideas for what to wear. There's so much variation in Planetfall characters that there's really no one-size-fits-all costume.

  1. Vaping is allowed on site. In fact, there's an in game mechanic for it.

  2. (Prices given are per person.) General admission tickets are $10 for the first game and $30 for every game after that. Meal plans include a $10 dinner only option, a $15 vegetarian/vegan option, or a $25 full meal plan. The meal plan includes breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday only. Be advised that the site is somewhat remote so leaving to get food is a long drive. If you plan on cooking on site you will need to bring everything you need to cook with including a camp stove or some other food preparation/heating method. Anne Staniford (@Dr.deVries) and I run the meal plans and we try our best to accommodate any allergies or other dietary issues if we're given advance notice. Also, meal plan tickets close a few days before the game so that we have time to shop and prepare the food.

As for anything that is not allowed on site - alcohol is 100% forbidden at Planetfall. You will see the occasional beer can and what not around, but that's from other games that share the site. Planetfall is booze-free (well... out of game anyhow, but the in-game stuff is pretend only). Also, fires are limited to designated areas. Other than that if you have an specific items please feel free to ask.

Always happy to see new faces! I hope you'll come join us in September.

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I don't know if we have anyone right now that is playing specifically a spacer/freighter. It's a cool background, but I'm not sure I've heard anyone talk about that one in particular. If anything I would reach out to some Triad players on the facebook group and link them here so they see this.

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From my understanding of what Matt has said in the past world objects like the mining rig or the smelter will require maintenance. It sounded like this would be a between game part of the communities game or possibly something else. Basically there is a purpose for that skill, however it may not be part of the active LARP part of the game.

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Headshots or even aiming your weapon at someone's head is strictly not allowed (as in actually intentionally aiming to fire a nerf dart at someone's head). If you're looking for a "killing blow" mechanism:

A finishing blow may be dealt to an incapacitated character. A character delivering a finishing
blow must lean over the target and take 5 seconds to line up a final killing strike to the chest.
This may be interrupted by taking damage or by someone tapping the weapon used in the
finishing blow out of the way.

The result of a finishing blow is handled by the app, but they are bleeding out very quickly. It
takes an extremely skilled and lucky doctor to have a chance to bring a character back after a
finishing blow, with a steep recovery time. It is the most difficult wound to successfully heal,
and will always result in a death if not treated."

Right now there's no way to ambush someone and kill them like you're describing, but remember that it only takes one shot to take out any player (most beasts on Medina will take well more than one round, however). It may not kill the player, but they can be captured and incapacitated once they are wounded and they could receive a finishing blow at that time.

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That's a hard question to answer in some ways. Some would say that we have plenty of one thing and some would say something completely different. The fact is that we can incorporate anyone into the community and that you will likely find your own niche after a game or two.

Also, our needs list is completely based on the attending players. Sometimes we're drowning in military and other times they all mysteriously disappear simultaneously! Other times it seems that we're overrun by say metallurgists where we were in desperate need of them just the game before.

I know this isn't strictly helpful, but the best advice I can give is to talk to people now and get acquainted with people that may have similar skills or be part of the same faction. We have a great community and we'll give you the run down!

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If you are bringing any nerf-style guns, ammo clips, or even the nerf hatchets and other accessories to game, it is recommend that you put your initials on your items. For the guns you can use an industrial sharpie or a labelmaker to put your OOG initials on the butt of your gun as well as on any pieces that detach like stocks or barrels (you can put your initials on the inside at the attachment point so they are inconspicuous). For the ammo clips do the same on the the bottom (the part that points to the back of the weapon for the Rival line or the underside of a drum). And the same should go for weapons like the hatchet - maybe on the handle or grip area. By having initials in relatively the same area it will make identification faster and easier.

Everyone has been fantastic about sharing their ammo clips and weapons around and the staff just wants to make certain that everyone is recovering their items before they leave game. I don't think we had a single incident at a game thus far and I really praise our community for handling everything so well. It's great to see people share, help out new players, and keep the colony alive by passing around weapons, clips, and ammo.

This recommendation is just to make the process easier in the future as the game grows. Let's face facts, unless they're painted or modded you basically can't tell one weapon from the next and it's very easy that mistakes could happen. Let's work together to prevent the issue entirely.

Oh - and a note from Rachel. Paint your weapons to make them custom and explore some color options to help differentiate them. I'll make a post on the BB as I take my hammershot apart and paint it up. It's got a ton of steps, but it's really only an afternoon's work as you watch some TV in between coats

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I'll bring the Animal Farm and 1984.... oh wait...

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((OOC: I'd love to try my hand at some fish nets - not the stockings mind you - I'll see what I can find.))

Sounds perfect. I just have to double check as I don't want 50x the confusion we already have in this town to break out over some simple building projects.

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  • I was hoping that sickles/scythes would be used to harvest whipgrass for greater yields (Harvest with scythe/Harvest with sickle action) to make rope faster.
    -The hoe could help improve farming yields? Do we have a "plant seeds" action for agriculture so that we can keep the garden going?
    -Pitchforks have many uses like turning compost and aerating soil, moving things with our hands is inefficient an we've long used these kinds of tools to help us work quicker.
    -The wheelbarrow could increase yields as well or even a simple basket because we have somewhere to put things besides our pockets or jugggling items in our hands.
    -Lumber would be pretty sweet. We need it for making items like the cages, etc.

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What supplies do we need to complete this? Do we need more people gathering whipgrass to weave the fishnets and rope? Do we need to plant more yams to increase the yield of oil and still have them for an emergency food source? Are the hutches and traps wooden or metal?

Also, do you have your sign off from an adminstrator? I think these are perfect ideas, but I want to make certain that @Harrison-Greene or Administrator Gander are on board to avoid confusion and headaches later on down the road.

((OOC: Also, has anyone talked to Matt to make certain he's on board/ok with between game builds? And do we need props?))

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