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@JohnSpacer PM me on facebook for my email address if you'd like to compare notes. If we can put together a semi solid list it would help the GMs out a lot. :)

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Mike I am truly sorry your son couldn't make it especially after all this to-do.

Matt, I am emailing you directly.

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I would hate to think that the response to other people's concerns in the future, things they find uncomfortable will be, "that is your issue" and to "own your own shit." It seems to run contrary to the social contract.

After rereading my original post in this thread, I am still at a bit of a loss to understand why I am being talked down to.

The issue in my mind now is less whether teens should play Planetfall (that decision has been made - ok, so be it) and more why I feel a concern of mine was summarily dismissed by a GM. I'm hoping it was just mistranslation through type.

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^ This sends mixed signals, though.

If having a problem with children was just some sort of (implied) personality failing, why would the case-by-case basis be necessary?

To be honest, "just deal with it" in response to a legitimate set of concerns and situations that makes me uncomfortable as a player comes across as kind of disrespectful.

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Also to all the parents out there: I don't like children very much and there are other people out there who feel like me. For full disclosure: my definition of "children" is young people younger than 15 or 16, basically the age at which kids can start being taken for adults both physically and mentally.

I for one will admit that I can feel awkward around children.

I usually plan most of what I do in my daily life to avoid children. It's one reason I loathe going to Main Event for work gatherings.

Plus, and more importantly, this is a gritty game with permadeath. It also has pretty realistic medical role play due to many of our medics and doctors working in the medical industry. As such, underage players in Planetfall may result in children being hurt or killed in game, which could in turn be a trigger for some people.

Granted I've played a good amount of airsoft, some of which was with children. Admittedly, most of those kids were cool as hell and I have a strong feeling any spawn of fellow role players are likewise cool. But like I said, Planetfall is a gritty game, actually far grittier than airsoft. If you "die" in airsoft, you just walk off the field. If you "die" in Planetfall, you can actually have a death scene and some players are very, very good actors.

We also have some big hearted players in Planetfall who wouldn't be caught dead at an airsoft game. My girlfriend is one of them. While she won't be upset by children playing Planetfall, by knowing her as long as I have, I think it might be a good idea to ask the community about the inclusion of children before it possibly happens.

Last but not least, there is the element of immersion. Since Mike's kid plays tabletop, I doubt there'd be a problem, but my (admittedly biased) experience with children is that they are terrible at role play. If more than just Mike's kid takes part in Planetfall in the future, I would highly suggest a brief meeting between a potential child player and the GMs prior to a game in order to ensure they will be a good fit to the very serious world and gritty role play the GMs have been building.

I have neither the power (just a player) not the desire to tell people to not bring their kids if the GMs allow it. I am not arguing for or against it. I just hope everyone considers the above.

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That is so rad I almost peed myself. Full disclosure: I'm not expecting action on some of these questions for like 6 months to 2 years.

I just like to understand the big picture of where you guys are intending the game to go from a dev perspective. It's impressing the heck out of me.

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I think I have a spare Nerf camera holder if anyone wants it too. It's actually the Rebelle line.

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As the game grows and there is more time for dev, will there be additional life paths added to character creation or new branches to take in the existing life paths?

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Has any headway been made on a list or pinterest page of stuff that's needed and an address to send it to?

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This all sounds really interesting. So Matt, since the town is notionally constructed of the drop pod, does this mean the drop pod we came in with is gone and perhaps that area will be the new drop pod with new colonists?

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