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Hey Wullf! Looking forward to seeing you drop! Feel free to shoot me any specific questions that come up between now and then.

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Not to reset your OODA loop or anything, but our current ammo supply is at a stage that I would consider to be severely limited. Unless someone can convince Father to send us an ammo resupply in the next few days, your students may be just have to go "BANG" with empty guns.

A somewhat generous estimate, taking into account our current stock and ability to manufacture additional, is that we have enough ammo spread across the colony to get us through about 2 weeks of contending with hostiles and supplies for hunters.

After that you might have better luck teaching the civvies to make defensive use of the abundance of sticks and rocks.

At this stage there might actually be value in discussing the establishment of some primitive defenses.

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I, for one, welcome our new NRAHC overlords.

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I think it's a great idea. That information needs to be more accessible in a bit more depth than is on the prepareforplanetfall page. Whenever I try to drag my friends in the first questions I get are about the factions and what each one really is about.

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I'm really more inclined to explore the forced labor aspect. It seems very genre appropriate as it serves as a deterrent as well as providing a service to the colony.
Caning might be a useful tool in a hive city where there is a vast audience to witness it and thus serve as a large scale deterrent. But in a small colony the forced labor option would be more beneficial to the whole and serve the same purpose. Maybe.

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A coupla quick questions:

Does Packing skill have any impact on the potential contents of your initial drop box, or do the effects come into player later?

Does armor have any effect other than the listed immunity to darts?

I also noticed that in starting equipment sometimes it appears that certain builds result in duplicate equipment (specifically Class B or C firearms). Does that mean that you can potentially start with two or is that an inadvertent duplication?

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@BrandonMachart I will be happy to serve as the living embodiment of AR 670-1 and critique everyone's uniformity if required.

I may have some small degree of experience doing that. ;)

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I will be dropping with the next group as well.

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With the exception of certain qualification badges/tabs no one would ever wear award ribbons on a field uniform. That said, the development of some unique qualification badges representing specific disciplines within the UF would be interesting.
I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Grav-chute/Mobile Infantry badge as an analog to the modern Airborne insignia. Pilot wings (because not everyone gets to experience the joys of life in the infantry). EIB/CIB, because some people do.
That sort of thing would be worn on a field uniform and would help to establish the character's specific role within the various elements of the broader military.

Also the use of different camo patterns/colors would not be unusual at all. Within our own modern US military different patterns are worn by each branch ACUs for Army, ABU (tiger stripe) for Air Force, BDU (blueberry digital) for Navy, MARPAT for the Corps, and a wider variety within each branch for different theater assignments.* A global/systemwide force like the UF would probably have an extremely wide variety of uniforms. A pattern that works in the Amazon Zone would stand out like a sore thumb on Mars.

*I may or may not have changed the names for the intrinsic humor value.

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