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would a good example of this be the Star Wars Kaminoen Clone Trooper Training Facilities? Ala the Karen Traviss Republic Commando novel series.

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Plus you know.....Sean Connery in a wedding dress.

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so has the ban on the nerf Vortex series been upheld? (the disc guns)

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I recently aquired an Xenergy floor display cooler. Its effectively a barrel shaped ice chest with a gravity feed drain. picked it up for yall. I plan on being at the October game this year, i can deliver it then. I also have ALOT of Nerf Longshots if yall are interested. (just the base, no frontguns)

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so i was wondering about the Core of Engineers or the mechanics,same uniforms? im currently in the process of building a "powered" lifter exo suit for my UF transhumanist mechanic. so far teh base for the costume is a blue mechanics coverall.

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but i want to bring in my supersoaker 9000 as a plasma goo caster!

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Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein

  • good premise for unintentional colonization, with low tech (relatively) equipment

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

  • neat look at escapism into a virtual world, while the real world outside strongly resembles early collapse earth, possibly schism era UEA.

The Takahashi Kovac series by Richard Morgan

  • excellant cyberpunk series

Orphanage series and Orphans Legacy series by Robert Buettber

  • excellant look at some aspects of colonization and spacial warfare that alot of sci fi just kinda looks over....

Old Mans War saga by John Scalzi

  • Just read it

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