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“Stand up straight, Matheson.” Ward barked out through the rasp of her throat.

When Matheson jumped to attention, Miranda found herself reflexively doing the same in turn. She needed to remember her face. She needed to remember this moment. This was an example not only to the civilians, but to her especially. This was an example of what happened when you didn’t obey orders. When you go against the UEA you fall, and Matheson was about to learn this the hard way.

The sun of Medina was as ruthless on Miranda’s bare shoulders as the words spewing from Administrator Gander’s mouth was to the ears of the surrounding civilians. She could hear the screams and cries echoing beneath his rage. Their pleas would be ignored. Their opinions silenced. It was clear what the Administrator planned to do with Sergeant Matheson. Everyone was in denial, too soft.

“I sentence you to death.” When the words finally dropped, they dropped like a hammer and the watching onlookers took up a roar all at once. Against their reactions Miranda stood there with gun in hand facing her fellow Enforcement officer, pining for a reaction. The civilians fought, the accused Enforcer was given her options, and she chose hers as she placed her hands behind her head and got down onto her knees. Miranda would have taken the same choice. She took a look at Ward beside her and could see the compromise across her face. Their eyes met for a moment and they nodded to each other in unison. They both understood this was necessary.

Before the Administrator could say anything further the Lieutenant spoke up in volunteer to carry out the execution herself. Miranda could feel her throat tighten and her boots dig deeper into the coarse dirt in reaction.

Gander extended the gun in his hand out towards Ward which she took up without hesitance. I wonder if she realizes that’s Matheson’s own gun. Was the thought that crossed her mind as she watched Ward line up the gun to the back of Matheson’s head where the woman now knelt in the dirt. Miranda wanted to look away, but she fought the urge. Let them see you watch. Let them see that you understand the full consequences. Don’t give them the doubt they are looking for.

She expected an uproar to follow soon after the shot rang out and the Sergeant’s body hit the dirt of the road. When there was only silence, it was heavy.

“Congratulations, Officer Grant. Looks like you just got a promotion.” Were the next words she heard after the statues around her began to move.

“Thank you, Sir.” She replied in return to the Lieutenant. It was a cold promotion, and the thought brought a twitch to her lips in the form of a smirk.

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[IC] This is Sergeant Miranda Grant of the UEA Enforcement services responding to your interest of employment. We are currently looking to expand our forces on New Unity. Should you be interested in permanent employment with the Enforcement Services or a Civilian Support Contract, feel free to contact me.

Sgt. Miranda Grant
UEA Enforcement Services
New Unity, Medina

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