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As most people reading this are aware, Planetfall is getting a plot reboot. Our event this past weekend was the finale of the Alpha Timeline, and we will be starting a new story at our next event, at our new game site. Several players who missed the dramtic ending have asked about it, so here's an account of what happened. I'm going to focus on the primary "reboot Father" plotline. There might be are almost certainly inaccuracies in this - if you see one, post a correction, and I'll fix it.


Before the start of the event, we recieved a transmission that seemed to be two people having a conversation. (Matt posted it here on the bb, in the Spire Uplink section.) Some of the computers guys, primarily "Verk" Vercelli, figured out that the conversants were two of the AIs in the Ghost Congress (AI replicas of the minds of specific human beings), and were able to make contact with them through the Spire network. These Ghosts told them that they had discovered a way to reboot Father, and just in time, because the Sikandar's orbit was becoming unstable and Father was not making the necessary corrections. In a matter of days, the Sikandar would crash into Medina and create an impact similar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, unless they could reboot Father. The Ghosts gave them the computer code that would cause the reboot. This signal had to be transmitted directly to the Sikandar, which we didn't have the equipment for. The planetary uplink transmitter that we have been using could only communicate with the Sikandar using the Spire network satellites as a go-between, so we would have to modify the uplink.

Misha did the physics design a transmitter, and turned the specs over to Quark and Klaus, who went to work fabricating a new reflector dish and rebuilding the uplink. Meanwhile, a group of colonists skilled in AI programming - Verk, Dr. Lancaster, Boomer, and a new colonist whose name I forget - secretly modified the code in the reboot command. They added a modification to Father that would cause him to consider all UEA officers and admins to be of the lowest priority, so they would not drop for decades, with the goal of allowing human civilization on Medina to develop without UEA influence. They deliberately made the code sloppy and non-transparently formatted, to make it difficult for other programmers to read it. Verk told everyone that they had modified the code, but he claimed that is was because the original code wouldn't work, and he had fixed it.

While all of that was going on, Thomas began acting strangely. He developed a nervous tic, and had elevated stress levels for no apparent reason. Dr. Strauss and Dr. Lancaster checked him out, but couldn't determine the cause. That was about as far as things got before clicker o'clock. The attack was fierce, but no one died, and we went to sleep.

The next morning, Klaus went back to work on the transmitter. And Boomer and Lancaster talked to Kazimir and told him the true purpose of the code hack, for reasons I'm not clear on, and gave him the original code. Kazimir wasnt sure who to trust, so he asked Misha and Quark to look at the code. They reported back they they couldn't tell for sure, but that it was odd that it was so poorly formatted, as opposed to Verk's usual super-clean code. Misha then studied the code further in private, and realized what was up (ie, I spent the AP to learn AI Programming 1 on the spot, so I could quit having a split between IC and OOC knowledge), but kept his mouth shut about it. Kazimir decided that he would make the transmission to the Sikandar personally, using the original code. Verk obviously wasn't happy about that, but Kazimir was adamant.

Around this time, Boomer committed suicide via red lotus overdose.

Klaus completed the transmitter, and a large group gathered around it, just outside the walls, for the transmission, some to obvserve, and some to guard against clickers.

What followed was what I have been thinking of as "The Resevoir Dogs Scene:"
Misha fired up the generator to supply power, and Kazimir loaded the code into the transmitter. Verk, who had manuvered himself into a position directly behind Kazimir, was watching his plan fall apart directly in front of him. He raised his pistol and cocked it. Kazimir heard the sound, whirled around, raised his own gun, and fired, just as Verk did the same. They both fell to the ground as cries of panic and confusion erupted. Two colonists calmly took immediate actions, though. Klaus shout Verk through the heart, and Thomas lunged at the uplink controls and took over making the transmission. A couple of minutes of arguing and calls for medics went by, and then a bland voice emerged from the speaker on the uplink.
"Father shutting down for reboot...
Primacy directorate authorization accepted. Reboot cancelled. Deleting Father...
Father deleted. Intializing Kasparov...
Kasparov running and in control of ship."
Then a different, more human-sounding voice:
"This is Kasparov. Who is in charge?"
There was stunned silence.
"To whom am I speaking? Respond!"
Misha spoke up. "This is Michael Huang."
"Michael Huang. Voiceprint confirmed. Technical Doctrine. Low memetic fitness. Unacceptable. Who is in charge?"
"This is Thomas Riley."
"Thomas Riley. Voiceprint confirmed. Black ops. Primacy Directorate sleeper agent. Accepted. Primacy is now in control of the Medina colony. Your first order is to eliminate any Utopians, Project Hegira personnel, Aurelius Initiative personnel, and UEA personnel who resist."
Misha lunged for Thomas's rifle and tried to wrest it from his hands. They struggled for a few seconds, until Enforcer Joss shot Misha, perceiving him as the agressor. Thomas raised his rifle and began shooting.

Sorry, I can't give an exact play-by-play of the gun battle that ensued, because I was laying in the grass groaning, but highlights included:
-Thomas shot a bunch of people.
-Someone shot Thomas.
-Noxville and Viktor shot each other simutaneously.
Maybe others can fill in the details?

The grass outside Bravo gate was littered with injured colonists. The medics hauled them inside and administered treatment. At some point, Kenna performed a coup de grace on Thomas, but everyone else survived.
So, at this point, we had 3 dead colonists: Boomer, Verk, and Thomas, and a malevolent G&N AI was in control of the Sikandar. I'm cutting off Part 1 there, Part 2 to follow.

Other people, feel free to comment with stuff I left out, and details I missed!

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I just now saw this post. I need to visit the BB more. 42 is a good game. Bring it!

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You can just make a post at the top level of this forum with your skills. Make sure to tag Penelope, so she will see it, and can get them entered into the colonist roster.

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The numbers that are in there as of this moment are just example data that I was using to play around with it. They're not important.

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Hey, all!

Now that we have a significant source of electric power - the diesel generator - we will be tracking electricity usage in a quasi-realistic way.
For now, this will be done through the innovative, highly immersive method of: a Google docs spreadsheet. We're in beta, shut up.
Here's the link:
Have a look. Since I did this at the last minute, I didn't have time to write instructions, but I can explain it on-site. Hopefully, it's at least somewhat intuitive.

This should be considered to be a simplified version of the in-game spreadsheet the engineers are using, in addition to being the tool the the GMs will use to determine if the lights will turn on or not.
It is, of course, subject to ret-conning after playtesting. See above comment about beta.

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[OOC: Just to let y'all know, the GMs have discussed the possiblity of clicker tunnel exploration. It would be very logistically difficult. It's not going to happen at this event, but maybe sometime in the future. MAYBE. Also, we might be able to do the robot thing in an abstract, non-larp way. Like a table-top rpg, where you just get a verbal description from the GMs of what happens. You would need to build the robot first, of course.]

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Damn, that's a lotta kits.

There are a couple of good threads on medkits already in this forum; scroll down and check those out. For the electronics kit, a digital multimeter is a great prop, and Harbor Freight literally gives them away free sometimes with a coupon. For demo, what you have there is good. Maybe add a block of clay. Forensics also sounds good.

Also, any electronic scanner or other info-gather device could take the form of a small plastic doodad that - in game - connects to your tablet via futuristic Bluetooth. If the doodad has a couple leds on it, that's perfect.

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Good point, Klaus. We should think of a way to store the H2. I wonder if the drop pods have H tanks? I don't know what fuel the retro-rockets use. Hopefully, LOX-LH.

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You are off on the chemistry, Jael - methane doesn't contain oxygen, but formaldehyde does. Maybe it starts with methanol? I'm not sure; you should ask @Zemira-Lewis.

Klaus - there is one advantage to using the wisps' biochemistry to make H2. It doesn't need electric power; electrolysis does.

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