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Well, that's my backlog clear. Most of these have existed for weeks or months, and I just never got around to putting them up. Sorry about the deluge.

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Day 13 (Between Alpha Game 3 and 4)

The rain has been constant. New Unity is once again covered in mud. This has not improved my mood, which has remained low. General morale is flagging. Food is still low, even if water is everywhere. I procured a spare pistol out of one of the spare piles. I still lack much skill with firearms, but it's an emergency measure in any case. We finished the pressure vessel for fuel production and water purification. It's an ugly thing, but functional. We now have a transport vehicle available.

I feel like I'm coming undone. Nothing makes sense anymore. I don't know how to manage when everything is so different from everything I've ever known. And I don't know if I can talk to anyone anymore. What are the rules? I wish I knew.

Day 16 (Just after Alpha Game 4)

Another storm yesterday. However, some good came of it thanks to Klaus rousing the colony in setting rain barrels. We're very nearly a village at this point. After a few conversations with both my Shaman, Aza, and Lieutenant Ward (apparently named Octavia, if a bit unfittingly), I felt a lot better about life, even dancing in the rain to the beat of the thunder. This morning, the tribe held a ceremony in the garden, offering Medina thanks and hope. I felt like I was back among the tribe, even without Wilkus.

The sun is bright and hot this evening. I don't think I'll ever get used to the obscene heat of Medina. We have water and food, though, so that's us a little better off than we were. We even have a waste reclamation system in the works, from a bioengineered algae. With hope, we can get the rest of them going as well. Grant continues to show his steel, mostly by not dancing with us when a possible treatment for the retrovirus was discovered. That brought real joy to many of the infected, myself included, via an injury yesterday morning. We're making real progress, despite Gander's best efforts. The leadership is competent, and for the most part (mostly just excluding Gander), so is the administration. I've made friends and roots here, and I think I'm at long last starting to feel the heartbeat of Medina. So, now, it's time for the Dance to begin anew. Let us hope that no more of us get left behind, Mother Medina willing.

Day 19 (Three days after Alpha Game 4)

It has been stupidly, unbearably hot. I can barely breathe. Why is this planet so stifling? Is it on fire somewhere? Oh, right, yes, in the


The waste reclaimer seems to be working according to predictions. So far. We're still purifying it by hand, but this might help a lot. My sleep schedule is suffering. I'm used to around 25 hours in a day, and here the cycles are just slightly shorter, and it has me kind of groggy and, I don't know, reversed jetlagged. We'll see where we go now.

Day 27 (Two days before Beta Game 1)

So, this morning we got a really bizarre message from a Spire satellite, designated 5460. According to the science team, the radon spike and deformation readings indicate an approaching seismic event- an earthquake. It makes sense that the planet is geologically active, but seriously, we landed right on top of it- 44 kilometers separate the drop zone from the fault break, best we can tell with our limited information. Soon, I'm gonna start trying to get a transmitter to connect to Spire 5460 and get more info. This is scary. That said, we had warning. That's a new feeling. I'm not entirely sure I like it, even if it's handy. I hate waiting and not knowing when the hammer drops. I don't like the anxiety. But I'll deal. It's what I do.

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So, with the help of the Storytellers, I've made an academia-style summary of the Neoprimitive memescape, with a LOT more detail than the Archive has in it. Give it a read- it isn't long, and I tried to make it interesting (as interesting as this sort of thing ever is, anyway).

The Neoprimitive Memescape

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10:00 AM

In the last forty hours I've seen the best and worst of Medina. We've seen a lot more of the wildlife. We finally got a view of an adult Tatonka, and it seemed somewhat docile, if at first cautious. It was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen. Later, I met the famous Charlie 1, who had absolutely destroyed a Clicker just previously. I got to pet him and give him water. Fister, Shiloh, and a few others hunted some small game they called Jackalopes, after some fictional Earth rabbit creature.

Worse, though, was the Horrantula (also called the Impala, a name that seems inappropriate for some reason)- a massive death-masked arachnoid that eats the Clickers and is not in any way friendly. Also, the Clicker attacks last night were worse than normal- we were forced to evacuate all unarmed colonists, and many injured yet armed ones, to the UEA building. we got through, though, and there's fire and steel in us yet. Still, it added a bit of tension to the friendly Tichu game Misha, Volker, Klaus and I used to destress. It's nice making friends.

Currently, there's a bit of a material bottleneck in continuing the engineering projects. We need steel to build a pressure vessel to process fuel for the transport vehicle and to make a water purifier, but it takes a lot of time and effort to produce. Also, significant portions of iron are being used for ammunition, which the colony desperately needs right now just to stay safe.


1:00 PM

Matheson was executed today. She pulled a gun on Drea in a drug-addled state and was sentenced to death for dereliction of duty and endangering the colony. I couldn't watch. I stood over by the west gate with Fister, who kept me calm. I couldn't help but flinch when the first gunshot rang out. I was too numb to react to the second.

Why did this happen? Why would she act that way, endanger us all, for any reason? Why was that a thing that deserved death? Why did she just accept such a fate? I can't bring myself to understand something so incredibly senseless. Nor can I grasp why Ward, someone I thought a decent human being, volunteer to end the life of her friend and fellow officer.

I don't have the right or the ability to condone or condemn this sequence of events. Nor do I ever envy the ones whose responsibilities include such decisions. But this I can say- when my time comes, I hope I can accept it with Matheson's strength and grace. Despite all she had done, she died honorably, if such a thing can be.

I only barely understand Misha's reasoning for cannibalism. I've heard that it was done, but still, to propose it seriously in this circumstance was at best tactless. I hope that, wherever Matheson is, she realizes that we tried to be respectful while still allowing her death to mean progress for us. When I die, I wish the same done to my remains. My effects and few possessions should be distributed to those that find value and memory in them.

And so the Dance moves ever on, with one less than before. She has moved away into a different path, and we must continue in ours, as the world beneath us dances among the stars.

This planet is vibrant and complex and pristine and dangerous and strange and unknown. Violence mixes with beauty in odd ways here. It's like we've struck on something primeval and untamed- an Eden where lions roam.

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It rained earlier this week. I was surprised. I knew that rain was a thing on this planet, but still- water just falling out of the sky was not something I was prepared for. Ultimately, I found it beautiful, if somewhat inconvenient, as I was working on the water mill at the time. Didn't last long, and it's dry now.

Trying to pull a few more W/h out of the primitive generator. Some progress, but not enough. Did refill my PPU, so my scanner and commlink should stay working.

Ma would have loved this place- all the green and the rain and the sky. Da too.

Finally have my shelter in the Neoprimitive area in town. No climate control, but that's to be expected. Should work just fine, though.

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Okay, so I was looking at the user manual to my walkie-talkie, and I noticed something that needs to be widely known. Most of the ones I've seen at game are 22-channel radios. These use both the FMS and the GMRS frequencies. However, the GMRS frequencies require an FCC license to be able to use without risking a fine (Well, to be fair, what happens isn't really clear).

Thus, on a 22-channel radio, the only technically legal channels are 8 through 15. Other radios have other ranges and many come with a chart in the user manual for which ones are legal and what they might convert to with another radio.

Because of that, we need to set up which groups are using which channels. The UF was using 7 (which will need to change now), while the civs/Enforcers were using 22 (which will also have to change). Please respond below with suggestions or just throw ideas out.

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Nikolai has been running about, trying to keep the generator and turbine working fine, and working on improving the efficiency. Also, he's helping the admins collate information for the Commander's endless spreadsheets. When not doing that, he's relaxing or walking about, trying to get a feel for the planet. Over the week, he's been getting more calm, more used to the situation, and he's feeling a lot more like his old self. He has a bit more confidence now, and just a bit of a swagger. He sleeps in the Neoprim compound.

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I can't help OOC, but if you have a blue boffer with a hollow handle, use an electric toothbrush for the buzz effect. @Octavia-Ward used it to great effect last time.

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